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Help....I need to eat gluten, dairy, and sugar free!!! Sugar cravings!!!!!

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  • Help....I need to eat gluten, dairy, and sugar free!!! Sugar cravings!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm Rebecca, and got results to tests done finding out I need to eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar...permanently. It's been 5 days. and I feel like I want to eat anything and everything that's sweet but can't...suggestions please?

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    I found that when I increased my fats, my cravings for sweets and chips went away. Can't say for sure that it'd work for you. Avocados are probably my favourite source (that would meet the above requirements - they appear to be low in sugar).


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      Metric's right. My sugar cravings are almost gone after I've been having adequate healthy fat in my diet for some time. I still have a sweet tooth sometimes - here's what works for me:

      - nuts and nut butters - a handful of any nuts or a big tbsp of all natual nut butter will make me happy anytime
      - very dark chocolate (90-95%) although it does have SOME sugar, so I guess it's not an option if you can't have any at all
      - fruit (of course they also have some sugar so I'm not sure if your diet allows them), esp. baked apple or baked banana - they are sweet and have awesome texture
      - cocoa nibs
      - coffee with coconut milk or almond milk (I know that coffee is not terribly healthy, but it's a fix to my cravings sometimes)

      Also, it gets better over time. Sugar is really addictive - even long before going primal I noticed that when I ditched sweets in an effort to lose weight, I had a lot of craving at first, but then they subsided and things that I used to like suddenly become way too sweet.


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        Spoon full of pressed coconut oil
        You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................