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  • Hello from Las Vegas

    Hi all!
    My name is Amy and I thought I would introduce myself. I am in the process of reading The Primal Blueprint and have converted to a Primal diet. I have been kind of doing a Paleo/Primal diet for a few months but kind of fell off the wagon until I found Mark's book. I am happily back at it.
    The biggest thing I find myself struggling with is following Primal exercise. I am an admitted gym rat and struggle not hitting the gym for intense workouts everyday. I am learning though.
    I have done just about every diet out there. I once weighed 244lbs and at 5'3" that is clearly obese. Before starting my Primal journey I weighed 147lbs. I started eating Primal mainly because I believe in the health benefits but I also would like to lose these last 12lbs or so. We have a 3 year old that I would like to raise to eat to nourish his body rather than eat the junk that is available today. Anyway I just wanted to say hi to everyone.

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    Hi Amylen! I'm in Las Vegas also. Been doing Primal since last Oct., but started out low carb May of 2011. I haven't been a gym rat for a lot of years, but I was a chronic cardio addict for a long time. Switching over to primal workouts was one of the best things I did. No more aches and pains and I feel like my fitness level has benefitted hugely. Welcome to the boards!