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    I've been lurking here quite a while. First on MDA itself, now on the forums as well. I'm working towards becoming primal. I say "working" because I have two major problems... One, I still live at home and my mom has a no meat in the house rule, so I'm having to try to do veggie primal, and eat meat when I go out, although I question the sources. =( And two, because I work at a coffee shop... where we get free junk food. And it's just so hard to pass up. Although I did three days with no pastries last week and then had a teeny one to reward myself... and. It sucked. So, that's a positive. Won't be doing that again.

    Otherwise, not much to say. I've noticed that I'm less hungry already, and I seem to be building muscle faster. I love my VFF's, although I like honest barefooting even more. And... yep. I'm about to go make a thread about making yogurt, which I'm going to try tomorrow. So if anyone has any suggestions, please look for it in a few minutes!

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    What about fish or shellfish? Allowed?


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      Nope. Nothing. =(


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        Welcome Kit. Vegetarian primal is hard but possible. Mark's son is a life-long vegetarian. Since you get some meat away from home, you can do ok. More
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