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    I didn't realize some folks kept journals on here, but I see it as advantageous since I'm at my best when I'm accountable

    I was introduced to PB by my CrossFit coach and it took me a good 2 weeks before I committed, but was surprised at how easy the transition has been. I was carb cycling before to lean out for a bodybuilding/Figure competition and my body reacted well, but I still felt "fluffy". Today is day 9 (started on the 1st so this timeline will be easy) and I noticed a difference in just days. I get my bodyfat checked tonight so I'll have more of a gauge. I do know that I'll have to cut the fruit as the competition gets closer, but I've been under 80g carbs consistently. I'm dreading giving up my bacon for the last 2 weeks...too much sodium. Dammit! But it's short-lived and I will be basking in my bacon aroma soon enough :^D

    From the book, I read that a high carb day (250-300g) will enhance insulin sensitivity and "keep the body guessing" which is what I need to keep the fat coming off. I did a 23 hour fast the following day which wasn't too difficult. The last hour was too much, obviously since I didn't hold out for the full 24 hrs. Unfortunately/luckily, I had a bag of mixed nuts handy. :/

    This website has been fantastic at keeping me motivated with such a rich and diverse community. I'm going to try and make it to the Seattle meet-up next weekend for sure!

    Thank you all ahead of time for being open and honest about your trials and tribulations along our journey to better health ~ and nice abs :^)

    Til next time,

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    Oh yeah ~ the nitty gritty.

    Wake-up: Protein drink (90 cal/23g protein/0g carbs)

    Bkfst: Shake (protein/greens/almond oil/acai berries)

    LUNCH: 3c mixed greens/flank steak/babababacon!/olive oil w balsamic vinegar

    Snack: protein shake w/flax oil

    Dinner: TBD

    Trying to keep the mixed nuts out today...I'm addicted.


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      Try and make it??? Toni, you are so coming!


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        LOL i wish there was a meet up in my area... you should go if not for those of us who can't! Sounds like you're doing great, and I will read every day if you post.

        Live Like No One Else


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          My days are flying by which is something I need to get in control. So many things to do. Anyway, enough whining. I've realized I'm too easy on myself and if I want to get as lean as I need to for my competition ~ no fruit and no goodies. Strictly meats, fat, and green veggies. I realized this today and went off the bandwagon and now I feel like crap. I needed it though to remind me how great I've felt the past 2 weeks on PB.

          I won't admit what I ate today *sheepish grin*, but tomorrow will be impressive...and the day after that, and the day after that.


          @erstad17 ~ I just started softball and Saturday is a big workout day for me, but I think I'll skip softball anyway. I'm not playing until after the competition so no harm in not being there for one practice.

          Time for some eats before volleyball.


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            Thankfully, I was able to listen to the Mark's broadcast about 20 reasons why we might not be losing weight.

            More than 120g of protein will turn into glucose which will raise insulin levels. Hmm, oops. Also, diet sodas create a phantom insulin response...again, oops. My quest for sub 10% bodyfat may be easier and quicker with this knowledge. Oh, man I hope so. I feel stuck and I really needed this today.

            I've been feeling rundown and thought a cold was coming on (tight chest & dry cough) so I stayed home today and am fasting. Should be a 24 hr fast to let my body fight the business on the inside and not have to work on processing food. I really need to get back into the gym after 2 days off which weren't planned. I'm REALLY looking forward to living a normal life after this competition. My big treat is going to be cut up fruit with heavy whipped cream ~ I'm so freaking excited for that!!! Glorious!

            Now I'm headed to to figure out what to eat tomorrow to keep my insulin down and my fat burning up!



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              Another change ~ daily fasting before my workouts. I read through and was convinced to try this method of feeding. I call it 'feeding' so I'm seeing food as a fuel instead of a cure for an emotion or stress release.

              So far, my energy is sky high (even after a bad night with maybe 2hrs of sleep) and my workouts are great. Today will be a challenge since I'm so busy that I won't get to the gym until after 5pm. That means a 20hr fast...I'm aware of my body enough to know I can tailor the workout in case I don't feel great. I highly doubt I'll be effected though.

     suggests a 14hr fast for women, but my timing doesn't quite work out that well. I haven't had the "mood swings" that are mentioned (stereotyping??) so I think I'm safe

              I'm getting my bodyfat measurement again tonight and I'm hoping to have some validation for the effort I've been putting in. Although, my biggest issue is my inner thighs so it doesn't compute in the measurement. They really should include the saddlebags and bottom of our ass in the measurement. Really would cover everything.

              I'm lowering my sodium and keeping the carbs/calories low for another 3 weeks until the competition. It's hard to believe my "cheat" will be a big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream instead of chili cheese Fritos and Reese's cups.



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                Hey Toni, I was wondering... when you listened to the webcasts were you able to download those to your computer for future use too or are they just a limited time?

                Thanks so much,


                Live Like No One Else



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                  Manda ~ I didn't download them since I took notes. Would you like me to send them? I can post them to your journal or something.

                  20 Reasons you're not losing weight

                  5 Reasons you're getting sick


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                    Yeah that would be great! I am listening to them but I want notes on them as well, and was considering taking notes but since you already have... i spose that will work. Do you mind sending them to me on my email IF not feel free to post them on my page that is fine too!

                    Much Appreciation!

                    Live Like No One Else



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                      Ugh. I decided to have lunch yesterday instead of fasting til after my workout(tuna/avocado/tomatoes/lime juice/seasoning) and I was lethargic within 2 hrs. I had some nuts cuz I was bored and sleepy which is an old habit.

                      Back to fasting until after my workout! I have tons of energy, but do feel a hungry once in awhile. It's much easier to stifle those feelings rather trying to figure out what I should eat to stay in my calorie count for the day. Guayaki tea (Mate Chocolatte is my fav) is helping a lot. I noticed it quiets the hunger better if I don't add any sweetener. Dammit. Only a few more weeks without the sweet stuff and I'll be good.


                      Lunch ~ tuna/avocado/tomato

                      Snack ~ nuts

                      Pre-workout ~ whey (Syntrax Nectar with 90 cal/23g prot/0 carbs)

                      Post-workout ~ same

                      Dinner ~ 2eggs/BUTTAH!/turkey/spinach/roasted red peppers/black pepper *friggin tasty*

                      Bedtime ~ Optimum Nutrition Egg protein chocolate with 1TBSP flax oil (too much sodium in the ON Egg so no more of this for awhile).

                      Woke up this morning and did the P90X ab workout. I need to get a pad so I don't get a raw spot on my spine. Looks like I'm doing the nasty all night long On the floor.

                      Today is starting well ~ not much sleep last night so I need to work on that. Lifting legs tonight and doing some sprints. Leaning out my thighs is a b*tch!

                      But I can do it.


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                        Ack ~ I got nauseous this morning and had to throw back some almonds. I think I had too strong of tea too early..or I was just too hungry :/ Lots more water and letting it pass. I hope to fast until my workout which should be a 7 hrs. Ugh. I'm hungry.


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                          On a fast today after a BIG refeed yesterday. Satisfied all my cravings that I've fought and I'm looking forward to eating for my body for the next 3 weeks to get as lean as I can without sacrificing my sanity. Tall order, but I think I'm up for it. Keeping the food varied is a big help and having someone else in the house knowing what I should be doing so I can't rationalize a cheat! I'm also really looking forward to living a regular life with PB and seeing where my body settles at. I've been yo-yoing for 20 years and I'm ready to have one damn size of pants in my closet. Good grief!

                          Best wishes to all and to me!


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                            Good luck, Toni! I'm not a competitor (yet) but I just wrapped up an 18 week fitness program. The last week was soooooooooo hard...chicken, shrimp, egg whites, greens...I'm hoping to slowly get down to about 18% body fat by eating primal...just don't think I have it in me to do another extreme cut!

                            Anyway, good luck in your cut!! Lean and sane is a good combination.


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                              So, I had a bad day yesterday and I gave in because it only happens to me one day a month and I was becoming evil. I've recovered today and feel completely committed to the next 2 weeks of prep. I decided to stop fighting the intense emotional/psychological pull to the crap food that seems to settle my mind during that time. For me, it's easier to recover from bad food, extra calories/carbs than to subject myself to the inner battle that takes over my every thought. I honestly don't like being told what to do and weeks of following food guidelines takes its toll. After the 16th, I'll be able to employ Primal into a regular daily life and enjoy a damn strawberry whenever I feel like it. Oh, that sounds glorious.

                              Today is off to a decent start other than the 1" of snow we had this morning. On April 2nd. Weird. Anyway, I'm fasting up until dinner to let my body use up the fat/carbs I overloaded yesterday (22 hrs-ish). Going out to dinner with my sweetie and I think I might go for some crab. Yummmmmmmm!!! And a side of shrimp with some steamed, buttery veggies. Yay! Of course I have to earn it by working 7 hours and then hitting the gym for legs and a long walk/elliptical spin. (terrible storm with high winds and rain later so not trekking outside through it).

                              I definitely think I need to try the recipes on here to keep myself interested in meat. I've never been a huge fan of red meat, but I have had some wonderful steaks - never the ones I cook All my food has been pretty simple and I need to change that up. When I have the time, that is.
                              I'm hoping to get some decent pictures to put on here...the ones I have are practicing posing and I don't think I want to reveal that much right now. :^D I'll post a competition picture though! I'll be super proud and need some historical evidence of what I WILL accomplish! Woohoo! 2 more weeks.
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