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    What a change my life has taken since I started eating and exercising Primal about 6 months ago. It all started when I heard about the website from a friend. I could not believe the transformation I saw take place in him-the weight loss was unbelievable. I decided to give it a look and absolutely loved what I saw. I jumped in head first but was a little skeptical. I checked out Mark's site and bought the book. I decided that I needed to do something and do something fast. I figured it could not hurt. You see, I tipped the scale at 245 pounds-the heaviest I had ever been. Unbelievable seeing I jog, lift weights and do kickboxing all the time. I figured if someone was going to tell me I could lose weight and do so without exercising, I was going to give it a shot-and give it a shot I did.

    People must first understand a little bit about my eating practices. I had no trouble with my exercising but eating was another issue. I have never eaten vegetables in my life-I just didn't like them. My diet consisted of soda and carbohydrates. I liked fruit but could not bring myself to eat them because I always had this craving for sugar and sweets.

    When I started the Primal lifestyle, I stopped eating proecessed carbs, began eating vegetables, and totally stopped exercising. I was going to prove someone wrong. There was no way I was going to lose wieght without exercising. I didn't take into consideration that my weight continued to rise while I did more and more exercising on a weekly basis. Well, in the first 2 months, I lost 20 pounds with another 5 in the following two months. NO WAY!! Ask my family-all I do is talk about what I am learning from this new lifestyle of eating and exercising differently. I have so much more energy and I actually sleep through the night now. Although I know this way of living will not heal me of my issues that I believe I got from my poor lifestyle habits in the first 42 years of my life, I believe this change in my diet will help me and have seen and felt changes already, and it has only been about six months.

    I love it when people ask me what diet I am doing to lose the weight. It gives me the opportunity to share "not my diet but my new way of life".
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    Happy to hear of your success so far. Keep it up!


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