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  • Hi from Suffolk

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Rachel, and I'm 38, from Suffolk in the UK.

    I'm very glad to have found this site, there seems to be a lot of very knowledgable and friendly people about, and you seem to support each other a lot.

    I'm just beginning my journey into becoming more healthy and living a more natural lifestyle. I only found this website yesterday, but I have read The Paleo Solution, which I found quite eye opening. Having read lots of articles on this website and all the success stories I decided to order the book to learn more.

    I've already been eating a low carbohydrate diet for the past couple of months, and have cut out wheat, potatoes and most sugars. The main reason for this is to lose weight, primarily out of a fear of developing diabetes or heart disease, but also because I have PCOS, and have so far been unable to conceive. Having read up on the best diet for PCOS, it seems that low carb is a fundamental aspect of it. I am obese, and have struggled with my weight since I was about 9. While I have had times of 'healthy eating' in the past, including macrobiotic and vegan diets, I have always found it hard to keep weight off, and I'm really hoping that a fundamental change in lifestyle will change this.

    So far my new approach to food has consisted mainly of eating eggs, fish, meat, nuts and seeds, vegetables, berries, olive oil, some dairy, and some dark chocolate/cocoa. I have still been eating some oats, and a small amount of pulses. But I noticed that the pulses in particular have caused heartburn, so I had decided to cut those out before finding this site. I've been aiming for under 100g of carbs a day primarily from the veg and fruit. And I have been calorie counting also, although I don't really need to, as I have found that my calorie intake is naturally much lower without getting hungry. I've been using the Spark People website to help me keep track of my carb and protein intake, as well as micronutrients, and it has been very helpful, although I wish it would stop telling me to eat more carbs!

    I'm also taking various supplements that I believe have helped me hugely with eliminating my carb cravings, and stabilise my blood sugar. I used to be pretty much addicted to chocolate, biscuits, crisps etc. And potatoes... But I really haven't missed them at all, and am able to eat one or two squares of dark chocolate without any desire to eat the whole bar. Which is quite amazing really.

    So far I've lost 21 pounds, I'm at the lowest weight I've been for 5 years, but more than that, I feel more energetic and my mood is much more stable. I've had mental health problems for as long as I can remember, and since starting to eat this way I've found myself feeling brighter, happier, more confident, less anxious. My skin is also great. It's been brilliant!

    I'm fortunate in that I work on a farm three days a week, so I get a lot of exercise. I haven't been able to benefit from this until recently, as my diet was so poor, but now I have a lot more energy and enthusiasm, and am able to work harder and get more out of it.

    I have a long way to go to reach a healthy weight, but I already feel like I'm doing positive things for my health, and I see this as a change for life, not just a quick fix.

    Anyway, this is a bit of an epic, so I'll stop here, and get reading again! :-)

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    Originally posted by Henbane View Post
    I'm just beginning my journey into becoming more healthy and living a more natural lifestyle.
    I started cutting out grains in March. Just by giving up wheat based products and oats I am losing about a pound a week. You mentioned "a new approach" and that is the way I see what I am doing. I have dieted before and put weight back on. This time though, I see the whole thing as a lifestyle change with no going back. I have found a set of foods that I know I can keep eating for the rest of my life because I enjoy them. Enjoying what one is doing must be more than half the battle.

    Time does not matter so much when one is on the right road. I am quite content to lose that one pound per week until I am happy with how I look. I'm not so much bothered about actual weight but I used to be able to wear 36" trousers. When I'm down to that again, I think I will have succeeded.
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      Im in Norolk so almost next door!
      I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!