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Primal Pete says hello from London UK

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  • Primal Pete says hello from London UK

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    Originally posted by spacey47 View Post
    Hi everyone
    Hi Pete. I have now been semi primal for a a bit over a couple of months. Because I am naughty I am only losing about 1lb per week. But, that is fine with me as in four years I'll weigh less than my 8 month old grandson!

    I too was a bread lover. French stick, cheese & wine, Yummy. Marmite on buttered toast, heaven. But, since I basically stopped eating grains, I have noticed I feel better in myself and food is not repeating on me.

    As to exercise, I walk to do the shopping and I use a rowing machine for HIT exercise. I also bought a step machine for 2 off eBay so that I can tone my legs a bit before going into the Peak District to assess D of E expedition teams. I succumbed to temptation and bought myself some "feel like bare feet" trainers and when I've lost another couple of stone I will try some jogging.
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      Hi Nigel

      Nice to see another brit on the primal site

      Only been going about a week, and my main problem is getting enough calories, I seem to max out at about 1800 per day.

      Ihave alos done a couple of 16 hour fasts

      I train intensely on non stop. 30 min full body weight circuit every other day plus I play a lot with my boy running over the park and I walk a fair bit to.

      Im not in bad shape weight wise, would like to get a bit more defined about a 8 to 10 lbs would do it I think.

      What led me here is the removal of grains from my diet to see what effect it might have early signs look good. I am quite strict otherwise

      Its a bit weird all the high fat eating s im used to eating lowfat and complex grain based carbs i.e. oatmeal, quinoa etc


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        Originally posted by spacey47 View Post
        My family has a history of Stroke dad had one at 48 left paralysed for the rest of his life , died at 66...If i do my son will be 23! Now he was a smoker and ate salt like he was being paid to do it and i do neither BUT its not great is it?
        Thus far when i take my BP its normal 120-130 over 78-85 when i relax its lower but i have a mild obsession with it which makes it jump up if i go to the doctors but its generally ok at home...BUT...2 of my siblings who are older have high BP and they seem to think its inevitable/genetically programmed and are on mild meds for it. They are not in fantastic shape but still

        If it is inevitable so be it but Im willing to do whatever it takes to avoid it.
        Some good news: the whole genetic/inevitable thing is essentially outdated. In the last few years it's become more and more clear that epigenetics is what really matters (Time: Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny). It's more a matter of what genes get switched on or off and at what time by factors in your environment -- and the biggest one there is your food. Dr. Cate Shanahan is good on this: you might like to listen to her being interviewed on Sean Croxton's podcast:

        Deep Nutrition with Cate Shanahan MD 01/06 by Underground Wellness | Blog Talk Radio

        It may also be interesting to note that stroke is one of a number of conditions that seem to be linked to faulty calcium metabolism. See this news report, for example:

        An analysis of data collected about more than 16,000 women who participated in the landmark Women’s Health Initiative found that those who started taking calcium as part of the study were at increased risk for heart attacks and strokes.
        Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds - The Checkup - The Washington Post

        Possibly the standard diet in Western countries, which is relatively high in calcium is not such a good idea -- at any rate if the calcium taken in can't be utilized properly. Now that's going to depend on your vitamin D status (and vitamin K2 is also important). Guess what -- most people in these same countries, because those countries are largely urban and post-industrial, have poor vitamin D status. Vitamin D is actually a hormone, which you make in the skin from the action of ultra-violet light on cholesterol:

        Vitamin D is Synthesized From Cholesterol and Found in Cholesterol-Rich Foods

        And you might be interested in this:


        The Primal Blueprint doesn't "disallow" dairy products but doesn't regard them as a staple:

        Primal blueprint 101: The Definitive Guide to Dairy

        That's probably a sensible approach. I think Mark would also recommend supplementing with a little magnesium -- you might use Naturalcalm, like a lot of the people here do. You don't want your Ca/Mg balance out of whack, and it tends to be in standard diets both because they overemphasize dairy products and because magnesium is depleted in soil, owing to modern farming methods. In Finland where the ratio of Ca to Mg in the diet is 4:1, deaths from stroke and heart attack among middle-aged men were the highest in the world: the Finns have recently bettered those figures by adding magnesium to foods.

        And, finally, you want to have a good vitamin D status. I'd strongly advise you to get your levels of 25 (OH) vitamin D3 checked. If your GP is reluctant to do it for you, the City Hospital in Birmingham have an online service: I've used it; they're cheap and fast:

        Vitamin D Blood Spot Test to the Public Background Information

        You want your levels to be up to something like 100 to 150 nmol/L, and you either need a lot of sun or, if you're an indoor worker (or it's the winter and you're in a high latitude), some supplementation to get to that. Obviously our ancestors in the Paleolithic spent most of their day outdoors.
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          Thanks for that Lewis very informatve and interesting response

          I have been looking into Vit D recently though I have not as yet started supplementing

          In terms of calcium i am not much of a dairy eater only greek yogurt and before primal some skimmed milk with oatemal in the am

          I do eat whole eggs quite regularly so i should be getting some from there and i regularly eat sardines and mackerel

          I also eat lots of broccoli, Kale, Leeks and cabbage, aparagus and losts of salad greens + chicken, turkey, fish and recently a bit more red meat. Fruit wise i eat apples, bananas,berries mainly and i do like eating nuts as a snack mainly walnuts almonds and now macademias as recommended here

          However i think i will do the test as you suggested it doesnt hurt to find out and it seems quite straightforward to do
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            Hi PP! (OK so I giggled at that. I am SUCH a 12 year old boy sometimes!)

            So glad you are turning your life around! Your story had such a profound effect on me as my family has a history of Cancer and I keep waiting to hear *the news*!

            As far as your caloric intake, may I suggest a smoothie or two with coconut butter or oil? They are very GOOD fats that will UP your calories while making you BURN fat!

            A good morning shake:

            3C Greens (like fresh spinach, kale or other light flavored dark greens)
            1/2 C aloe vera juice

            1/2 C berries of your choice
            1/2 banana (potassium)
            1 Scoop Greens Powder

            Blend and learn to gag it down! (smiles)
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              Hi Pete
              I would love to know your workout circuit that I could do at home. Been Primal for a couple of weeks now and have never felt sooo good.


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                Hi DeliaMiah

                thanks for the welcome ,
                i doubt anyone has a family with NO health history and I try to use it as a warning to monitor my health rather than get too strung out about it though that can happen to us all.

                Thanks for the shake tip! though to be honest i doubt i could drink that and hold it down

                I will just have to eat a bit more. I bought some coconut oil today and had a 1000 Calorie lunch! Mackerel and Salad v nice

                Cloco 73

                Hi this workout has done wonders for me and its easy to make it harder but stick to the same time frame

                All exercises are done high rep with no rest between them maybe just a slug of water, towards the end you may need a 5 or so seconds but try to keep it as short as possible you get weight and cardio and sprinting in this

                you need about 10ft square of space and a kettle bell. I use a 16kg cost me 35 you use what weight is appropriate to your condition and size you can always buy a bigger one dont go to heavy

                PP Circuit

                3 minutes warm up , running on spot jumping jacks, bodyweight squats DONT GO CRAZY just get the blood moving

                1st Set Goblet Squats Hold KB to your chest do Maximum Reps (im doing 50) steady pace and explosive but keep form
                2nd Set KB on Floor do stiff legged dead lifts ( i use a barbell and weights but if u havent got one KB will do fine)again max reps
                3.Shoulder press i use dumbells or the barbell but u can use KB if u need to
                4. Straight in to basketball jump shots (NO BALL!) alternately catch to the left and right like you were on a court and jump shot the pretend ball with as high a jump as you can about 15-20 each side
                5.Press ups maximum
                6. Bent over rows with KB maximum (i use barbell but KB will work)
                7. Jumping Jacks this is done HIIT style do 60 as fast as you can and i mean fast I do it in 20 seconds
                8. You will be puffing now jog on the spot for about 30 seconds i normally do a left right punch front kick combo

                REPEAT 3 more Times non stop

                do a 3 to 5 minute cool VERY IMPORTANT light jogging very easy just let your heart slow down
                and then do some stretches for everything esp hamstrings, quads and back

                I you wanna change things up to make it harder you can do kettle bell swings instead of squats, swap the jumpshots for HIIT jumping jacks, do more reps in the same time

                if you are not that fit build up slowly and dont go crazy,,REMEMBER TO BREATHE EVRY REP and DRINK WATER

                have fun


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                  Originally posted by spacey47 View Post
                  However i think i will do the test as you suggested it doesnt hurt to find out and it seems quite straightforward to do
                  Yep, just a bloodspot. Takes a few minutes to do it and pop it in the envelope.

                  Talking of taking blood reminds me of the nurse who said once to me with something of a smirk, "We like to say it's just a little prick."

                  Anyway, if you do decide to supplement D, you should make sure that your intake of vitamin A goes up as well, since vitamin A protects against vitamin D toxicity. That's easily enough accomplished with a serving of liver once or twice a week. The great thing is that, since most people in Britain have decided they don't like offal, it's absurdly cheap. You can get about 4 oz. of lamb's liver for about 50p. And most cuts of lamb are usually pretty pricy, since it's not intensively farmed.

                  The Daily Lipid: Tufts University Confirms That Vitamin A Protects Against Vitamin D Toxicity by Curbing Excess Production of Vitamin K-Dependent Proteins


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                    2 week update
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