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Researching PB - trying to understand ratios - help?

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  • Researching PB - trying to understand ratios - help?

    Hello - I haven't "started" PB yet, been reading and trying to understand it all. I have been documenting my eating for the past 11 days, trying to learn if I have any food sensitivities, etc. I eat organic foods as much as possible. I have noticed my weight is creeping upwardly and can't figure out why. They are small gains but they are adding up.

    I have been working hard on adding in fats. Healthy ones; coconut oil, coconut butter, olive oil, ground flax seed, avocado. I don't eat gluten or really any dairy. No refined sugars. I eat tons of tilapia. I mean like everyday! I eat some red meats.

    I don't know if my info here will to vague for anyone to reply to, but could you look at my calories vrs. fat / carb / protein ratios and see how it looks?

    I am 38 yrs old, 5 3 1/2' tall, thyroid and hormone imbalances and struggle having BM's. Hows that for TMI. hehe I am on a healing plan for all of those issues. Have been for about 3 weeks.

    Currently I am not on an exercise plan.


    Starting Jan. 25th

    D1 = 109.6 = 1388 calories / 62 fat / 71 carbs / 123 protein (fish)

    D2 = 109.8 = 1682 calories / 57 fat / 94 carbs / 156 protein (steak)

    D3 = 110.2 = 1390 calories / 41 fat / 75 carbs / 162 protein (fish)

    D4 = 109.8 = 1655 calories / 58 fat / 68 carbs / 197 protein

    D5 = 111.2 = 1744 calories / 71 fat / 96 carbs / 167 protein (fish)

    D6 = 111.6 = 1412 calories / 49 fat / 80 carbs / 145 protein (fish)

    D7 = 111.4 = 1421 calories / 53 fat / 60 carbs / 162 protein (fish)

    D8 = 112 = 1699 calories / 40 fat / 62 carbs / 255 protein

    D9 = 112 = 1581 calories / 70 fat / 108 carbs / 129 protein

    D10 = 112.8 = 1740 calories / 80 fat / 106 carbs / 142 protein

    D11 = 112.8 = 1791 calories / 77 fat / 81 carbs / 189 protein

    D12 = 113.4 =

    Any feed back is appreciated.

    Amie Sue...

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    Hi there and welcome!

    Just to make sure I understand, you're trying to put on weight? Right? Ok, Good.

    Fat helps when I have BM issues. Not sure if you're avoiding dairy but heavy cream typically does the trick for me within a couple of hrs.

    Anyone else with thoughts?

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      why so much protein per day? i am 5'4" and am able to maintain a nice amount of muscle on approx 100 grams of protein per day.


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        No no, not trying to gain at all! lol I just got down from 132lbs since November. I want to be 110 lbs. Not because of the "number" but because I feel I look and feel my best there. I have NEVER eaten as much fat as I have listed above before. I had the fear of fat carved into my brain by society and avoided it like the plague over the years.

        So, I have been working on increasing calories / fats / proteins/ while keeping my carbs in check. I just don't understand if the ratios look good or not. My weight is creeping up and I don't understand why. I know there are normal fluctuations, specially with women but, well you can see the pattern.

        I just introduced fage - greek yogurt, full fat into my diet yesterday...but usually I don't eat dairy. I had been 98% raw for almost 2 yrs, but have added in fish and some red meat since Nov.

        Amie Sue...


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          Oops! I'm sorry!

          The going thing and what Mark's book indicates is to bring those carbs down.

          For me, I'm trying to lose weight so I'm knocking off a couple hundred calories a day. Keeping them around 1300 - 1500 and exercising. Keeping my protein and fat up and carbs down.

          Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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            @Grok is Softball: i do the exact same thing, eat 1300-1500, keep carbs down, fat & protein up. i know the PB approach is you don't have to count calories but i enjoy the process & i enjoy tweaking my macros and seeing what the outcome is. i also enjoy weighing and measuring my food--to each their own--this helps me manage my nutrition/fitness/health really efficiently.


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              You shouldn't have to cut calories to lose weight. If you don't trust yourself not to overeat, go to a website and get a rough idea of what you maintenance calorie intake should be. Drop your carbs to 30-50g, protein to around 100 and eat fat for the rest. Aim to eat around your maintenance calories, but if you feel hungry it is ok to go over. I find at TOM (time of the month) I eat about 300 over for a day or two, but don't put on weight because your metabolism speeds up at this time.

              I found cutting calories and exercising prevented weight loss. It's CW dieting and it doesn't work in the long term (or in the short term for me!)

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                It's working so far for me. If I were dropping closer to 1000 cals a day, I might agree.

                But, it's working for me.

                Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                  For me, it is not just about weight loss or the numbers on a scale, it's about fitness and performance. I've gone done to 1000 cals a day and i cannot perform on the level i like to. I find that with 1300-1500 very carefully chosen calories my bod has the fuel it needs to perform and the aesthetic result i seek.

                  but back to the OP--i still don't understand why she is consuming SO much protein daily


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                    I imagine OP is eating so much protein because she is scared of eating too much fat.

                    AmieSue, if you have been on 1300 calories for a while and then you gradually increase your calories the way you have you will put on weight because your metabolism is set at 1300 (which is the reason I don't like to cut calories). I would maintain your current calorie level, make the changes I mentioned above and when your body adjusts to the higher calorie level and you will start to lose weight. It only takes a couple of days.

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                      AmieSue, i would also recommend you start doing exercise, not only to aid in weight loss but for overall general health. doesn't have to be hardcore or be a huge time commitment--walking, biking, some form of weight/strength/resistance training.


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                        Thanks for responding... nobody has commented on how my ratios for the day look. Or is that not relevant here? I am trying to find a formula to stick to, this helps me stay on track. Maybe I just need to buy the book and figure this out.

                        Amie Sue...


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                          I think you are low on fat and high on protein, esp if you aren't exercising.

                          I'm 5'9" with a medium build and aim for 120 fat/80 carb/150 protein with intervals and lifting 2-3 days a week and some moderate/low intensity cardio nearly every day. It's working for me so far...

                          eta: I would highly recommend buying the book. It's a quick, entertaining read and will lay it all out for you very simply.

                          @jo - Mark does talk about calorie restriction in PB and even walks through how to calculate it if you're one of the folks (like me) that's "into" the numbers.

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                            I'd recommend you try a free Fitday account, if you haven't already...I'm trying to lose my last ten, and so have started logging what I eat, three or four times a week. I'm 5'9 and currently weigh about 147.

                            This is what I ended up with for yesterday (pretty typical):

                            Breakfast: IF

                            Lunch: 3 eggs fried in butter

                            Dinner: 4 chicken legs roasted with eggplant/onion/carrot

                            1 cup cooked spinach with melted butter

                            Grams Calories %-Cals

                            Calories 1,383

                            Fat 104.7 931 67 %

                            Saturated 45.3 401 29 %

                            Polyunsaturated 14.1 126 9 %

                            Monounsaturated 35.3 315 23 %

                            Carbohydrate 32.0 115 8 %

                            Dietary Fiber 13.5

                            Protein 85.8 336 24 %

                            Alcohol 0.0 0 0 %

                            I usually try for about 100 gms of protein when I'm lifting, a little less when I'm not. Note that fat was 104.7 grams, or about 67%...this is what keeps you full. My carbs, at 32 gms, is actually on the high side for me, it's usually more like 20. I'm actually losing about a pound a week eating like this, and I'm super satisfied and happy.

                            Now, if I could just stay away from the rum...


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                              Amie Sue - i don't think ratios count here.

                              if you check out some of the pb 101 stuff, mark talks about ratios and avoids pinning them down. it basically is:

                              1) get enough protein first and foremost

                              2) eat some veggies

                              3) get your energy from fat

                              i totally get the formula thing. it makes it a bit harder, but also makes it more tailored to your own physiology.