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  • Greetings from Austria

    I enjoy reading this forums for the last weeks.

    I am 30 from austria, and i am overweight. Been so for the last 10 years.
    It is not that i didn't want to loose weight i just didn 't do more than think about it.
    So on 1m80cm i had 130 kg (~260lbs) on my worst day.
    But let us start at the beginning shall we.

    When i was a teenager i was at a solid 63kg (~126 lbs) never did much sports or think about what i eat. But i walked nearly everywhere. My diet than contained lots of meat actually i didn't like to eat anything else. The final years of school that changed and i went to McDonalds nearly every day. Also playing computer games took a lot of my time but was also something i wouldn't want to miss.
    My first year on University was a disaster concerning diet.
    Standing up drinking your first beer with your roommate swich on the Multiplayer Shooter of that time und drink and eat Pizza for a year out. About 12 beers and a Pizza was my daily meal. Actually i wouldn't change a thing if i would do it again, it was a great year and much fun with friends.

    So after that year i decided something had to change. I stopped drinking for the next year. Was quite easy no withdrawl or anything, just stopped one day and lived on.
    was at 104kg than.

    What realy became a problem was Coke. Hell i didn't drink anything else. 2 - 4 l a day were quite normal. And so my weight went up to about 117kg. That was clearly to much so i decided to do some Martial arts. I really enjoyed that, and was even quite good. Even with 117kg i was fast and had some good high kicks. And people tend to underestimate you when you are fat. I also were quite strong.
    Allthough i trained 5 times a week (no weights only endurance and flexibility), drank only water and had some good food. I didn't lose a single kg. That was definitly frustrating and somehow took out the fun.
    I had to stop when i had to work at night at my social year. That year I went up to 130kg(~260lbs). I would change this. If i did know than, what i know now i would have changed this.
    Took me two more years of Coke, Pizza and Pasta with the luck of constant weight to come to the decision something has to change.

    Coke gone was easy. later on i found out it wasn't i just startet to drink coffee which i never did before. So instead of 4l of coke i drank 1l of coffee a day. Ok next step stop Coffee. Easy thing. When you start to drink black tea, bout 4l a day. Took me till february 2012 to get rid of every other drink than water.
    But back 3 years. I startet to cook low carb high fat. I love meat, nothing better than a medium-rare steak to make you feel human, and i could live without pasta and Pizza if it means good meat, seafood, fish and so on. I allways loved good food, even Salads and Vegtables so it wasn't that much of a change actually just get rid of the Carbs.
    It took me 1,5 months to loose 15 kg and a cronic diarrhea where no Doc could tell me where it came from. Nice.

    But we didn't stick with the diet. Not because i didn't want to. But girlfriend didn't like it fat. So we reintroduced thinks like quinoa and couscous and rise or potatoes.
    And, because it was summer and sitting outside with friends is truly great, beer and the occasional mai tai.

    I did keep my weight for the next year, only gained two kg this winter.
    So this spring i decided to change again. Actually because beeing overweight is depressing. I don't like overweight people i don't find them attractive. And it is hard not to find yourself attractive when you know actually you are able to be damn hot if you just loose half of you.
    Again i threw out all carbs. Never got a Carb flu, only coffein is my achilles heel. I only eat when i am hungry which is at Dinner time. No snakes during the day, only water. The last month i lost 7kg and am at a low of 110 kg.
    I say Yay.
    But it's getting summer again, and with summer BBQ start which is great and beer shandy and cidre sing like sirens. I love sitting in the park eating drinking with friends, have fun and a great time. I think thats what summer is about. Enjoying time with friends.
    So i think loosing weight will slow down, and maybe i will be unhealthy. But well i live to enjoy my life.

    Hmm what else. I am a Night guy. When everyone gets to sleep, i get more energy. It's like when i have the flu. Everybody is better in the morning and weak at night. I allways feel like a walking death when i wake up ill and am fit and motivated at night. Don't know why, but night feels save and more cosy.

    And i love company and play. Well mostly boardgames or roleplaying games. But coming together eat together and play and talk is what makes living worth. So i think i should introduce some sporty play into my live.

    Oh and i startet to walk. It's quite fun and i still like it. Musik on, and walk till you can't walk anymore. Important only beeing at home when you can't move nomore. And as it is summer i also can start to swim again. A benefit of living near a lake.
    Maybe i will even do some mountain hiking. Well i never liked that but somehow it is something i want to do now.

    The only thing i need to remember is to stay on track, even if there are some bad meal weekends or other things.
    I know eating Primal is great for me. Actually it is what i allways loved about food. Like i allways liked things like liver or kidneys even when i was a child and actually bread was never a favorite. So no los, only s win here.
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