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Hi from Maine - new to primal

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  • Hi from Maine - new to primal

    Happy to be here - still trying to figure all this out! I have PB, the 21-day challenge and Mark's cookbook - just have to put them into action. I'm finding it hard because my husband and kiddos, while "healthy" eaters, are far from paleo, so all that food is in the house still. Would love it if someone could point me to a forum thread with some suggested meal plans. Today's Real Life Story was such an inspiration.

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    Hi, and welcome! I'm sorry I can't point you at meal plan threads, but I'll bet they're here--try the recipe or nutrition threads. Mostly, just know that you CAN do it yourself, whatever your family eats. I'm primal, my husband isn't, really, though he's not bad. He finished off all the crackers and chips, and when we go out to eat, he'll eat a sandwich or a burger and I have it "protein style." It's easy to order something at a Mexican restaurant, just have 'em hold the beans, rice, and tortillas...fajitas are fantastic and you WON'T feel deprived. Same thing at home...just because those foods are in the house doesn't mean you need to eat them. You will feel SO much better I'll bet you won't even be tempted. I'm not!

    Hang in there!

    Still Craving Pterodactyl--my Primal Blueprint blog

    70 is the new 50--without the hot flashes!

    Goals: Feel good, be stronger, and hopefully kick that arthritis in the backside! Oh, yeah, and losing more weight would be okay, too.