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Ello all from Australia

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  • Ello all from Australia

    WOW (forgive the pun) this is a great site, spectaular book and a magic way of life, cheers to Mark, and all the guys on site for the fantastic real life feedback, I look forward to a strong and primal life.....

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    Welcome! I'm from Aus too! Good luck with moving toward a primal life!
    Went Primal on 1st April 2012

    Since beginning Primal:
    - The stomach cramps I'd been having have vanished.
    - People comment that my skin is glowing.
    - I enjoy getting out of bed (most of the time)
    - I'm so excited by food.


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      Allo, allo from the sunny (at the moment, anyway, after seeming months of rain) NSW north coast
      F 58 / 170cms / SW 131.5 kgs / Current 112.4/ GW 65
      following Primal Lifestyle and swimming my way to health

      My Primal Blog / Photo Blog / RedBubble shop / My Calendars / My Facebook


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        Hi Thank you for your good wishes, loving it, was told I had family history blood pressure, cholesterol and had to live with it, teah right!! set out to miff the Doc, started primal eating Feb 2012 plus high intensity strength training, hiking etc moderate eay exercise.
        Start Weight 92kg (I'm 6ft)
        Current 78kg
        Body Fat 18% Target 10%

        Going for BODPOD next week to see my LBM

        I have lost body fat very easily, can see my abs relaxed, I reckon I have gained about 10 poundslean muscle
        HDL 4.2
        VLDL 3.2
        C-reactive protein low
        TSH moderate
        Blood glucose low
        Blood pressure 120/75
        Still getting stronger and looking mighty young my mates tell me.

        Will keep you posted, cheers, Pete