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  • Hello Fellow Friends of Grok!

    My name is Nicole and while I'm new to the forum, I've been reading the Apple since I changed my wicked ways almost a year ago. I have been living Paleo since June of last year and have never felt better! Like many of the folks in the forum, I was having some low level health issues that I just chalked up to aging or dismissed as a "normal" type of not feeling good; for example, weekly migraines, brain fog, dog-tiredness, and memory stuff, like forgetting my destination while driving--yikes! But like I said, I thought this was normal! By some twist of fate I got hold of a book called "Primal Body Primal Mind" by Nora Gedgoudas ( I owe this woman my well-being!) and delved right in to this new (or old) way of eating. It was seriously a revelation! On this primal journey I discovered the Daily Apple (addicted!) and a host of other supportive, enlightening websites and teachers along the way. I hope to share my enthusiasm with like-minded folks and learn more from all of you. See you in the Forum.
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    Welcome. Glad primal is going well for you.
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