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    Originally posted by MeatMaker View Post
    Hey Rob, thanks for touching base. I'm in Newmarket. As to meetup, I don't know, really. Something primal like a barefoot trail hike with a primal potluck at the trailhead? Just a thought. Open to any and all ideas...
    i could be down for that. i live in manchester, but i work at unh, so i'm right up the road from you a chunk of the time. hopefully we'll get a little thing going here, but if not PM me and we can figure something out.


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      It's nice to see so many NH people here! For the person asking about farms - you can get great pastured pork, chicken, lard etc from Phoenix Hill. I also bought 1/2 pig from Porkside but will switch to Phoenix Hill when that's gone. I bought a side of grass-fed beef from 3J Farms in Danbury and it is delicious. Lots of good info to be found on Eat Wild for local farms.

      A meetup would be fun - my friends and family mostly think I am crazy, especially over my months-long obsession with making bone broth, so it would be nice to meet similarly-minded people.