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    Hey everyone,

    I was introduced to PB by my sister. I started on the blog, and recently purchased the 21 day transformation book, and will be getting the PB book from her in a couple weeks. I'm VERY interested in getting this stupid belly pudge off my formerly trim waistline. I'm at an all time high weight right now (5'7, 170 lbs in the morning or 175 at the gym, I think 37% body fat but I forget) and I don't know why. I'm eating better now than in college, and moving more! However, in the last year an a half there has been a lot of stress in my life (parents divorced after 30 yrs, sister had congestive heart failure during pregnancy/delivery, mother diagnosed with breast cancer, my beloved dog died, I moved out and floundered financially.... oh, and I got married (yay!) and he is deployed (... dang)). I don't know if the stress did it, but I"m ready to ditch it!

    I'm already seeing a therapist for lifelong depression, I started going to the gym 5x/wk (switching days of cardio and strength), and taking St. John's Wort, B vitamins, Omega 3, 6, 9s, and gingko biloba. Since finding PB I started an iodine regimen as well. I figure while my DH is gone, it's a great time to focus on myself and my wellness! I'm reading up on PB and I'm almost afraid to hope that my body will really start burning this stupid fat instead of hoarding it, but it's worth a shot! I really, really hope it works. I don't like being fat. Sad panda...

    My mom and I are going on a roadtrip from mid-May to the first of June. I plan on going Primal when we return! I'm so hopeful. Please let this work...

    Started PB on Monday, June 4. I'm focusing on my health in 2012, including taking natural supplements, zumba and strength training, regular church attendance and studying the Bible, spending time with good friends, and reading more. I want to see what health milestones I can achieve this year!

    Starting body fat - 41%
    Starting weight - 170 lbs
    9/4 body fat - 33%
    9/4 weight - 150 lbs