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  • Hello from a powerlifter

    Hey everyone, new to the primal forums and i love reading the material on this site. I am sort of a "primal" eater since starting carb back-loading by john kiefer and reading dave asprays stuff over at bulletproof exec. I have lost 14 pounds and over 3" off my waist since eating paleo/keto with some trash on my "backloads" after workouts. No loss in strength what so ever, actually some gain in strength and certainly some slight muscle gain. Have been eating nothing but grass fed beef except when i go out to eat ill try to order lean beef or fish. I put butter/mct oil/coconut oil in my coffee and i couldnt feel any better.

    One thing i could improve on is eating a little cleaner during my carb-ups which are only 100-150g. Staples are potato gnocchi, rice, and sweet potatoes currently. Oh, and fruitty pebbles, which have very few ingredients actually.

    Appreciate all of the great advice and topics on this board. Thanks everyone.