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  • Hey from Boston!

    Hey all -

    27 from the Boston area. I downloaded Primal Blueprint a few days ago, am working through it now, and had my first day of full paleo today! For the most part, I feel great. I went to the gym tonight for a strength training session (Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe for anyone that's used his training techniques) and had to skip my third of three exercises because the energy all of a sudden just sucked out of me. Sort of expected, though, so that's ok.

    I'm getting in to this for a lot of the usual reasons: look good, feel good, general health, live to 100, etc. A big one for me, too, is keeping my energy levels constant and not spiking mid-day. Mark wrote in his book that folks whose bodies haven't dulled down their insulin response will have energy spike, then 'bonk' for lack of a better term. I definitely fall in this camp, where I eat well a lot of the time, but also grab pizza/cookies/starbucks mochas a lot and feel the effects, and it makes me less effective at work or studying.

    One concern I have is whether or not I'll be able to continue building strength (i.e. be a monster at the squat rack, which I'm far from now) on this diet. I'm 6'2", 180lb, and will probably drop to 170lb pretty quickly given past dieting experience and my body type, which is near hard gainer territory. My benchmark meal plan that I want to maintain for a few weeks to see how I react is 2240 calories, 115gm fat, 138gm carb (90% from veggies and fruit, the remainder from whey protein), and 174 gm protein. I'm a nerd with spreadsheets (sure I'm not the only one here), so if I get hooked on the site I may start one of these blogs that folks seem to keep. The calories seem low for me, but I can't go much higher on protein or carb, and I'm running out of easy ideas for fat (most of my current fat is coming from 4 hardboiled eggs, 1 avocado, almonds, fish oil & 7 oz sirloin). Any ideas on that front would be helpful. I plan my meals out a week at a time so as to limit the potential for excuses (which I enjoy making).

    Anyways, to the collective marksdailyapple community, a quick thank you for all that is already here to read! I've only been surfing around the site for a bit, but it's already answered several questions.

    Go Sox,


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    You will be able to.
    Adding good carbs like sweet potato will help.
    Remember this doesn't have to be very low carb, just no toxic foods, which does take the carbs down, but up them by sweet potato and fruit if it doesn't cause you a problem.


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      I love sweet potato, so that sounds great, thanks!


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        Coconut milk is a good standby for fat. I mix 50% lite coconut milk / 50% regular coconut milk + juice of one lime and a maybe small scoop of strawberry whey sometimes.


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          Welcome Dennis. I have some ties to Boston: went to BU back in the 70s, and my daughters are both going to college in Boston, one at Northeastern and the other at Suffolk.

          Ayla gave you good advice. You might have to tinker with the primal diet some to meet your fitness goals, but it's definitely possible. Best of luck in your quest for primal health and fitness.
          Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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            Welcome! I'm from Boston also, but now live in Phoenix. So yeah! Go SOX! After your body becomes accustomed to burning fat for fuel over carbs, you'll feel your energy sustained throughout your tough workouts. It took about a month for me to see consistent energy during my strength training sessions after going primal. But the cool thing is that you will notice that you have more energy and power then before once you get over the hump. If you feel an energy crash coming on, eat some fat. I loved being able to indulge in more bacon and canned mackerel
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              that is great!!!
              thank you

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                K, I don't have anything to add except that I'm in Colorado Springs, but am originally from the Boston area, too...well 30 miles west in Hudson, MA...but go Sox! They better stop sucking this year...will them love either way though. Welcome and best of luck on your primal journey!!
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                  Thanks all for the advice and encouragement. I haven't picked up coconut milk yet, but I did grab coconut chips, almond butter, and 85% dark chocolate for some quick easy calorie increasers. Judging from the last couple days, I won't be sticking to my original plan of 2240 cals per day for a few weeks.

                  One challenge I'm running into is that I'm accustomed to having a beer or two at night, and I tend to go out a lot with friends from work. I'm not sure how to incorporate this into primal life. It seems totally at odds, but it'll be a tough one for me to drop. Maybe I'll just try to switch to red wine and cut back a bit. Anyone else run into this issue when starting out?

                  On another front, I had my personal best on several strength exercises at the gym last night and my digestive system is running about as good as it ever has. Loving this! (and the steak, spoonfuls of almond butter, blueberries...) Lowen, can't wait to add bacon to that list.

                  Sorry if this message is scattered. Writing on the phone, and on the train.

                  Mike, I'm sure your girls are having a blast (and learning lots, of course). I lived near Northeastern and work near Suffolk. Both are great areas!

                  Again, thanks!