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  • Newcomer...have questions

    Hello, My first time here and considering this diet. Two up front questions.....1st- how can a person eat all this meat and fat and not clog your arteries? 2nd question...I am a male, type 2 diabetic,and need to lose 50 to 60 lbs.
    I am so frustrated at all the different diets that DONT work!! Does this diet really work? Well, thats 3 questions! Thanks, Joe

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    It's a common misconception that dietary cholesterol = body cholesterol. I suggest you forget about everything you've learned from mainstream media and start out from scratch by reading Mark's blog.

    Don't look at this as a diet. Diet's are temporary, this is a life style, and of course it works. Check out some of the success stories and draw inspiration from them. You won't regret.
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      Hi Joseph, welcome to the boards. If you've got or are planning to get a copy of The Primal Blueprint book, that'll answer most questions about this lifestyle, especially number 1! But in the mean time, starting here might help...Is Saturated Fat Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple
      You can definitely lose weight, and there are many people on this forum that've beaten type 2 diabetes, reducing meds or coming off them altogether. I'd echo the previous posters comments in that this is a lifestyle and commitment to a healthier way of living - not a crash diet like others that some people yo-yo between. Please be aware that losing 50-60lbs is probably gonna take upwards of a year to achieve, with stalls and plateaus along the way. Primal isn't a magic wand, but done sensibly will work for almost anyone. There's plenty of people here on the forums that've probably been in a similar situation to you and can offer loads of great advice - people here are generally really supportive and knowledgeable. But get the bulk of your advice from Mark's blog posts, the Primal 101 on the homepage, and ideally, the book.

      Good luck with the journey, it's certainly been nothing but positive for me.
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