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    Good morning from Key West. I moved here to change my life from the conformist, restricted thinking that seems to permeate so much of life. But choice has its confusions! I have been losing about 1-2 pounds a week which I understand to be reasonable weight loss. And I have lost about 20 so far. I also *want* to be in optimal health but know I have to take it slow. I jogged for the first time in years this weekend and enjoyed the wonder and fun of running like a child and doing some basic rolls on the ground, and some on the fly exercises in the park. At 250 pounds though, my knees are warning me to be a little more...prudent.

    I like what I read on this site. I like what I see on the fitnessnerd site too. I am vexed, however, by choices for which I have no basis to make a qualitative distinction. Here is my problem: my current 50-30-20 carb/protein/fat program is yielding results. My evaluation of the logic for the Paleo Diet and my existing diet leave me SO FRIGGING CONFUSED! Where is the truth? It comes down to what you believe, I think, and I just don't know what to believe. So I am going to do a THIRTY DAY effort. I can think of no other way - personal experience will have to provide the answer that logic can't.

    For a lawyer, now retired, giving up the mental evaluation in favour of the body's response is....different and difficult. And yet it is what has led me to retire: too much frigging thinking and not enough doing! My new life changing philosophy seems consistent with the thirty day challenge. What do you think - am I kidding myself?