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I began Primal eating today!

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  • I began Primal eating today!

    Hello everyone! My name is Hayden and I live in England. I came across this site just over a week ago and absolutely fell in love with it. I have found the website so informative and I really feel confident that after years of saying I will lose weight and get ripped I feel like I actually will now.

    I ordered Marks Primal Blueprint book and hope it is delivered sometime soon so I can begin reading it. I just have a few questions about food.

    I have found a great breakfast of a 3 large egg omelette with 2 strips of bacon fried with olive oil and it is absolutely delicious. This breakfast fills me up for a good few hours and then I am planning on having 2 grilled chicken breasts for lunch with some lemon juice and I am not sure what else I could cook it with. And for dinner time I have been thinking along the lines of a piece of steak with mushrooms and brocoli as that is pretty much the only veg I can bare to stomach and even that is a push. I am trying more fruits and have found I like Kiwi's and peaches also but I am just a bit confused of how many calories I should be eating a day or should I just eat until I feel full?

    If anyone could give me a hand and also tell me a tasty way to make brocoli rather than steaming I would very much like to hear it!

    Thanks very much and I will post some pictures later of myself now and then in a few months I shall post again.

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    Roast your broccoli in the oven! It turns delicious and sweet and isn't mushy or bitter like it can be boiled. I toss a variety of veggies in seasoning and olive oil, then roast them on about 400 degrees until done enough to suit me.

    Also, I too am a newbie. Just started all in a week ago. So far, I've lost 4 pounds, am much more energetic, and am not hungry at all apart from the regular stomach growlings that precede mealtime.

    IMHO, don't worry about counting calories. Just eat. If portion control is an issue, put your food on a saucer. Then eat it. Take a break and if you still want more, get more. If you're done, quit. If you aren't getting hungry as often as you'd like, try smaller amounts. Your body will tell you what you need and when and you'll learn to listen as it learns to talk again without the interference of grain's unsatisfiable "gotta eats". I have learned the hard way that I simply cannot eat grains. Period. No cheats for me or I start down a slippery slope that starts with one little tortilla and ends with me eating a cake. I can't take that kind of hunger any more.

    Best of luck!!!


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      That's a pretty good plan, you need to add some fat at lunch. An egg or avocado or bacon. Try to eat fat every time you eat. Don't focus too much on calories now, just get used to not eating grains and sugar and legumes. Your body will start to let you know when to stop eating soon enough. And put a big old splat of real live butter on that brocolli. And saute it in bacon fat first to make it even better.
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