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  • Hello from Charleston, SC

    just getting started this week, looking forward to sifting through the endless information here!

    I was actually introduced to the basic concept of the primal diet by Joe Friel's excellent books on training when I was into competitive cycling about ten years ago. Nice to see the idea gaining more momentum - I was never strictly "primal" but the idea made perfect sense to me and just following the basics always worked!

    Going to be a bit more of a transition for the wife and kids (2&5) but I'm working on them too! My son has ASD/ADHD and we've tried a gluten/casein free diet before, but it didn't seem to have much effect and it was so difficult to manage that we gave up after a few weeks. I don't necessarily think that a primal diet will magically fix his condition, but I'm hopeful that it might help. Luckily, he loves veggies (only kid I've met that will sneak raw squash and mushrooms off the cutting board when I'm cooking) so it's really just a matter of cleaning out all the snacks and cereal. Since I do a lot of the cooking, I can control meals pretty easily but giving up the Cheddar Bunnies and Lucky Charms may take some time!

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    Welcome. Good luck with primal.
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