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    As in 436 pounds and furious enough to do something about it! Finally! Andrew Lighthall here in Lincoln, Nebraska saying a hearty hello to everyone! I am going Primal in stages, trying to relearn proper eating habits and become the person I was meant to be.

    Any fellow Lincolnites out there? If so, I hope to see you on the bike trails soon. It has been about 20 years since I have ridden a bicycle so look out.

    Right now I am concentrating most of my efforts on controlling the food in my life. I ate salmon yesterday, first time ever, and I wasn't completely disgusted. My three main focuses on food are these:
    1. Eating for fueling needs only while disregarding eating for fun/entertainment
    2. Eating foods as close to their state-of-nature as possible
    3. Absolutely no fast food, junk food or sugar drinks and juice

    My Primal targets are: 60-100 g carbs, 100-120g protein, 100 g fat.

    I would appreciate any comments you may have on the above. I will try and develop a website to post pictures(cringe) and track the progress of my Primal journey. I am determined to change my entire lifestyle to center around healthful living the Primal way. My many years of painful joints, embarrassment, not enjoying activities, trouble breathing and swollen feet, etc., end NOW!

    Thanks for this great website and forum. Just plain awesome!
    See you around,

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    Ahhh! A Lincolnite! That's so exciting! I live in Chicago right now while my husband finishes school. He is also Primal and spends his summers in Lincoln working. We went to undergrad in Lincoln and lived there for several years before he decided to go back to school. I miss Lincoln and its wonderful bike trails! I've been doing some research on where to get food around there -- we'll both be moving back when he's done with school.

    We've only been Primal since January, but it sounds like your goals are good ones. I went Primal in stages and it worked really well for me. I feel amazing and have lost my extra weight. Good luck with everything, feel free to message me if you find any good Primal food in Lincoln.


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      My advice would be to not start out with worrying about your macro-nutrients or (primal targets) as you're calling them right way. If you just focus on eating real primal foods and not overeating, I think you'll find that weight will fall off for a while. When you get closer down to your goals you can tweak your macros, find an exercise program that works for you and learn what maintenance feels like for you.


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        hey man, welcome! those macro numbers are simply not going to be enough food for you at this point.

        where you're at in the game, here's my advice - work hard on having three meals a day, without any snacks. don't worry about the size of the meals! they can be very big. keep to that carb count for the day, but don't worry about fat and protein yet. if you eat like mark suggests, you'll get plenty of protein, and you're going to fill up on fat.

        i think you'll find that lower carbs at this stage will keep you feeling full, which is a good thing. but don't worry about how much fat you're eating yet. the numbers you laid out above would put you at about 1800 calories a day max, which is not close to enough for you, at this stage. you will not be able to maintain such a low calorie count for any kind of extended period.

        don't worry about calories right now! i'm on here a lot talking about how calories matter, and carbs aren't so bad. but i can tailor my advice to the individual, and at your point in the journey, just stick to what i advise in the second paragraph. you got this!


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          Greetings and salutations. Good luck on your journey.
          If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


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            congrats on your decision. Primal ROCKS!!! You will love it. I think you need more protein, 180-200g probably. But, most of all as others say just focus on eating lots of real food. Skip the bread and pasta and crackers and junk food and you will be off to a great start. Eat all you want every day. Don't deprive yourself ever or you'll be tempted by crap foods. We started in Sept 2011 and I went from 274 to 226 in 7 months. In the beginning we ate all the time because we weren't eating enough fat. Make sure you eat fat and protein every time you eat.

            My fave fat foods
            eggs, keep hard boiled eggs available at all times, applewood smoked bacon, 70/30 or better ground beef, brisket, sausage, roast, avocado, almonds, salmon, butter

            There are lots of days where I'll eat more than a lb of bacon, 6 eggs, 1/2 beef, loads of cheese, raw whole milk. Embracing the fat was the key for me.

            Grok on!!


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              I live in Omaha, NE and have been Paleo for a few months now - great results!!
              I have tried to find other like-minded people in Omaha and have had no luck, but I keep looking in this forum for someone local to me.
              I am also incorporating IF (intermittant fasting) and have never felt better!
              I wish you luck on your journey!


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                My advice: treat the food like an addiction, not a simple dietary change.

                By that I mean take it slowly, if you feel horrible on a low carb day; eat some carbs and feel good knowing that you'll try again the next day.

                LOVE yourself NO MATTER WHAT.

                You must LOVE yourself FIRST, do not withold that love as a means to motivate yourself. That is what keeps the vicious cycle of depression and {eating} (insert any addiciton here) going.

                If you catch yourself BEATING yourself up as a means of motivation, stop yourself immediately and remind yourself of the reasons why you love yourself.

                You are on this mission because you love yourself, NOT because you are unlovable and must become skinny in order to be loveable.

                If you slip up and fall off the wagon that is not proof of your flaws and inability to achieve your goals, it is just a simple bump in the road. Get back on that horse and ride.

                Good luck to you!


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                  Welcome, and good luck... On second thought, you don't need luck, you have willpower, that's even better!!!

                  I'm going to second the recommendations here... First, just work on cutting back on the toxic foods. That, itself, will take a while to get used to. I'd say don't worry too much about counting the macro-nutrients early on. First, get used to NOT eating the bad foods. Eat when you're hungry (not when CW SAYS you should eat) and get used to that.

                  I think you'll probably find that eventually, you actually recognize what hunger is again. Honestly, there's a good chance you haven't actually been "hungry" in years. I say that only because that was the case for me.... hunger was a sensation I simply hadn't actually felt in a long time.

                  Stick to the good foods, get some exercise primal style (remember no chronic-cardio!!!) and everything will happen. I'd actually suggest some Intermittent-Fasting if you can handle it once you're used to ditching the bad foods... even just skipping a meal now and then, until you start to recognize that hunger sensation. It's not a requirement.... but I found that it helped me start to recognize those natural signals the body is programmed to send.

                  Early on, your body will give you those "Eat now" sensations because it's expecting those carbs. That's the toughest part to get past if you've always been a big bread/pasta eater like I was.

                  Like Latvian said, if you fall off the wagon, get right back on. This isn't a "diet".... this is a lifestyle. Look at it that way, live the lifestyle, become Grok, and you simply cannot fail.


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                    wow! excellent responses and thank you for the great ideas! I certainly need them. I am in the learning-to-crawl stage so must be patient and let the system work. I am so excited about actually doing this and becoming one of the Friday success stories of the future. With all of your help, and my own determination, I believe it will be done.

                    Grok On!


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                      Thanks for the post! On the issue of protein you mentioned 180-200g. I am using the .5g per lean body mass formula in the Primal 101 section, figuring on 200lbs for myself, which would bring me to 100g. Am I wrong on this?

                      I am learning to love fish, lol!

                      Grok it!