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  • When it's all about battling the odds

    Hi, I'm somehow new here, though I've been lurking for a while.
    I'm a 5'6'' 126 kidney recipient transplant female trying to recover for an almost ten years dialysis, and now immune suppressant adverse effects, not to talk about the statins and other chemical amenities.
    To make it easier I live in Italy, home to pizza, pasta, bread and amazing highly unhealthy adorable baked goods. Luckily this is a place where to find good -though expensive- meat and vegetables is not that difficult.
    Socials though can get uncomfortable, I usually talk about some obscure side effects of medications to get off the hook when it comes to lunch with my ex husband family -my ex mother in law makes amazing pasta, tagliatelle ravioli tortelli lasagna and the like- truth is I can't handle HGL foods anymore, if I get pasta or the like I feel terrible. This could have something to do with tacrolimus and methyl prednisone, I only know I get knocked down by the meds when I take them in the morning and the effect is vastly amplified if I eat sugary foods so I'm trying to avoid them -if I don't I really get nervous AND sleepy, works worse than morphine for me.
    I got my mother to eat almost primal -she gets some wine once in a while and is not comfortable enough with meat and saturated fats yet- and I suspect she is doing better than me with the discipline part, I give in to sweeteners more than I should.
    Quitting cereals wasn't that hard, eliminating sugars wasn't a lot more complicated, I've never been a drinker and I'm cutting back on fruit but there's still some weight which won't come off me -doctors say I should be happy I got here and should maybe put some weight back and eat my whole grains/take statins/cut satfat- I'm just trying to do the best I can to stay healthy, fit, and out of a hospital room -they are great people, the team at the nephro, but food is vile and I don't see why I should keep on being a burden on a good health care system when there is a better option available.
    I've been yelled at more than once because I easily fall into ketosis, and I'm trying to understand if I should avoid this or not, my regular health check up is coming up this month so I'll get an idea of how I'm doing -I'll ask to use another formula to control my cholesterol levels and see how it goes.
    Ooops I wrote a lot and all about myself, the point was to thank you all for being here, is always nice to find answers and know this is not me having a wacked system but simply more of us trying to understand how not to wack our bodies and stay healthy as possible.

    No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.

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    Buon Giorno, Luce! I'm dealing with health issues, myself. I didn't have a very difficult time dropping all grains, beans, sugar, and I'm really happier without them. That said, though, I do allow myself to "cheat" with 2-3 meals/week. So, if I'm visiting relatives, and my mom has baked something, I go ahead and take a very small piece. I comfort myself knowing I've been consuming organic/bio veggies, grass fed meats, etc., the other 86% of the time. Good luck with your journey with Primal life.