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  • Ready to change my life.

    I'm 36 years old, 68" tall and I weighed 185.4 lbs this morning. I used to be very active and still try to be. My happiest years of my life were when I was 18-19 y.o. and was working landscaping. I had recently returned from Army basic training. I was very fit and loved how I loved life. Well, college came and after way too many all night cram sessions fueled by pizza and Pepsi I came out of school 9 years later with a huge amount of debt, a job I don't really like, a failing marriage, and a body build that is not me. All of those things I can do stuff about. Easiest to change right now is myself. So, when I stumbled across Marks Daily Apple, I realized it's exactly what I need.

    I still try to be active. I cycle a good amount and I run some. In the Fall I am very active hunting upland game with my German Shorthaired Pointers. My three kids and I love to camp and ride dirt bikes. I've never been one for hitting the gym. I know the major part of my problem with weight gain stems from way too many carbs. I do love Pepsi and I have really struggled to not drink it in the past. Today is a new day. It's no real important date other than it's the first of the month so I can try to make it one whole month and see how I do. I plan to start a thread in the journals section so I feel obligated to post in there each day and to help keep me honest and on track. Yesterday I had my blood drawn for a baseline measurement of certain lab values. I'll post the results in about a week when I receive them. I also took a set of baseline pictures of myself. My plan is to post monthly pictures to see how I'm looking :/

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    Welcome! The change you'll experience eating real food will be uplifting! Looking forward to hearing of your progress.
    The Foxhunting Friesian