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4 weeks Primal and........

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  • 4 weeks Primal and........

    ......I've lost 4 pounds. This is awesome. Fantastic food, good health and fat loss. What more could one want?

    April 2, 2012 - starting weight 152 lbs
    May 1, 2012 - 148 lbs

    I'm 5'9" and my goal weight is between 140 and 145 (wherever I settle in between will be good enough for me).

    Very happy, had to share.
    The Foxhunting Friesian

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    Congratulations! I've also just finished my 4th week.
    I'm also happy with PB and love the fact that I don't have to be HUNGRY in order to lose weight!
    I've lost 9.6 lbs. and join your celebration!
    Let's rock on!


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      Hey, I just finished my 4th week also!
      I've lost about 9 lbs., and I'm intentionally trying to keep my calories relatively high (as well as my protein) so I don't lose much muscle mass.
      Congrats ya'll!


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        I am on day 23 and have lost 7 lbs myself. This is a very gradual weight decline and am so excited to figure out where I will be 2,3 and 6 months down the line. By the way i started at 194 lbs at 5'11. What I like most about this lifestyle is I never have huge desires to eat like I did prior to this. I still get hungry but it does not take much to satisfy me like before I would come home from a tough workout and eat things like bowls of brown rice, and carb intense foods that would never satisfy me and would even make me more hungry than before then I would crash and want to fall asleep and did not put it together other than this was a hard workout and I just need to crash.

        I have committed myself to sticking with this beyond the 30 day mark as I tend to give things a month and asses afterwards. I am going to Jamaica to an all inclusive resort over memorial day weekend and promised myself to not fall off the wagon. Look forward to reading about people successes and various recipes and such. My GF made me some sort baked egg casserole with bacon, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms that was so good. Eggs have become a staple in the morning versus some sort of cereal prior. I use to think the whole grain cereal was so good for me but once again it would leave me more hungry then I was prior to eating. No way I could stick to the one serving size that was recommended. This might sound a bit out there but I am convinced that foods such as oreos, pringles, cereal and such are made with things that is almost like a drug where we want to over consume the product. Did any of you watch the movie the Insider about the cigarette industry that they put things in cigarettes to make them addictive? I really there is some common ingredient in these processed foods that is kind of doing the same thing. Call me crazy!!! Honestly how many of you can sit down and eat a one cup serving of some sugary cereal? I think when I was eating cereal I was eating probably like 2-3 servings in one sitting.


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          Well done on the weight loss!! xx