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hello and a couple of questions :)

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  • hello and a couple of questions :)

    Hello all! I am a migraine sufferer and piled weight on due to medication and eating the wrong things. In the last year or so I have become more aware of what i'm eating and try really hard to steer clear of migraine triggers in food. My neurologist doesn't agree that my migraines are caused by food / chemicals in food so i'm kind of on this quest on my own now.

    I know that MSG and its many guises is a clear trigger for me, along with sulphites. I thought I had a good understanding of what foods contained these things and I was doing my best to avoid them. However, it appears they are present in more than i realised! So my plan to clean up my diet has brought me here

    At the moment if I don't eat enough / regularly enough I get low blood sugar and feel dizzy. Will I find this easier to manage on PB?

    I understand the first few days are hard, how long does this initial period last?

    Thank you x
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    Welcome. I think you'll find that the low blood sugar issues go away when you stop eating foods that trigger insulin response. Avoid processed foods, convenience foods, wheat, corn and soy. Your foods shouldn't come with an ingredients list.

    The transition to primal doesn't have to be instant or difficult. You can make small changes and ease into it gradually.
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      some people find they have leg cramps if they're going low-carb. i don't understand why this is, but it seems to point to mineral deficiencies. keep that in mind if you have problems staying hydrated.
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        I used to get that way as well, needed to eat every 3-4hrs. I do have hungry days now and then still, but am amazed that I can now go many hours without needing food after a meal with plenty of meat and veggies.


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          One of the reasons I decided to try this lifestyle was also because of migraines. I've had 1 migraine since I started this about 6ish weeks ago, and it wasn't as bad as they usually are (being a sufferer yourself, you know this is amazing!). I still take my meds with me wherever I go, but they're just taking up space in the purse at this point.

          As to the low blood sugar, one of the things that seemed to help me was taking L-glutamine on an empty stomach...knew it was empty since it was talking to me Had to do that for maybe a week and a half before my body started getting with the program, and now it's not even a thought for me. I've accidentally done two 24 hour fasts since then, and have been just dandy!