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Kim 45: Paleo 10 years - before I knew it had a name. lol

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  • Kim 45: Paleo 10 years - before I knew it had a name. lol

    Your location: Southwestern Ontario Canada

    Age (If you want): 45

    How Primal are you: probably at least 90/10. Sometimes I creep up but then bring it back down.

    Do you consume dairy: special occasions only

    Do you drink coffee or tea: about 2x/week each. It creeps up sometimes but then I bring it back down.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: sick child

    Favorite exercise: Swimming but I seldom get to do it.

    2nd favourite right now is anything that will help make my
    shoulders more round in shape. I love that look.

    Favorite Primal food: At the moment: Chicken and salad or nut butter and purple onion greenwiches; egg crepe filled with kale, red pepper, purple onion and mustard) The mustard is a cheat, I know. This is part of where I lose my 10% of being 100%.

    Best part about being Primal: Being lighter, stronger, feeling SO much better, never getting sick, etc.

    Worst part about being Primal: The loss of milk chocolate bars (though I do allow it at the end of the month), cheese and cinnamon/sugar covered pastries... and homemade wholewheat bread, fresh out of the oven. Being inundated with 'illegal' food every time I walk out the door and going to social events where almost everything to eat is garbage.

    I have been primal (largely) for 10 years now. Here is my story with before and after photos: The Sensitive Canadian: Paleo Kids
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    I read the blog post you linked-- very cool! I posted it on my sister's Facebook wall. My sister has 4 boys and a very stubborn husband who is resisting Paleo/Primal. She wants to put the boys on Paleo but her wheat-loving husband doesn't want to give up his favorite foods. He's all for the kids' health though but she doesn't want him to feel left out or have the kids form any negative feelings toward him for not eating the same food as them. My sister told me that her 6 year old said that other kids get candy in their lunch. (hint hint, mom) She lets them have a pudding cup in their lunch but she made it clear that they will never have candy in their lunch. It's definitely not "brainfood"! (appalling!!)


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      I hope they manage to give it a good, honest try. Glad you passed it along and hope the blog helps them. I'm always happy to help people feel better when I can.

      It is very difficult for adults. For children, within the school system, it's even worse. We never strayed so far from being primal as when the boys were in school. Which wasn't that far as they still ate greenwiches with very limited quantities of corn chips. But still, it was much more grain/sugar than was optimal for them.


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        I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Thank you for the compliment, and for letting me know. K