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  • Meet and Greet from New Orleans

    Hello, I'm in the New Orleans area and am starting the primal lifestyle.

    A bit of history, I grew up fairly large, and went on the 'carbohydrate diet' in high school (Atkins,) then became fairly athletic and didn't have a huge problem with weight until I was about ten years ago. I was a regular on a Usenet low-carb list, discovered Tropical Traditions coconut oil, and 'The Ketogenic Diet', and all was well for awhile. Still, my weight has pendulumed back and forth over the years.

    So then I decided I wanted to learn how to cook, and worked my way through Julia Child's books. Initially this was good, because I looked at it as sort of a low carb thing, and just did not eat the bread, pasta, rice, pastry, etc. And then I discovered the bread, rice, pasta, pastry, etc and grew to my heaviest weight ever, where I remained for about a year.

    From there I tried low carbing, I tried vegan, I tired everything but wasn't losing an ounce. Then through low carb I lost about 30 pounds. Still I went back to a low glycemic index diet, thinking that was the way to health.

    So I'm glad to discover primal eating, and primal living. It makes sense to me, and incorporates a lot of the things I learned over the years regarding foods in general. I'm looking forward to giving it a go over the long term.

    Diets are confusing in today's world. I'm glad to find the Primal Blueprint.

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      I was a previous Atkins success as well. But I found I still felt like crap and simply "counting carbs" wasn't sustainable in the long term for me. Once I started allowing whole grains in, it was a slippery slope that eventually led to complete abandonment of any carb awareness. Once that happened, even a Hostess donut wasn't evil.

      This makes so much more sense and my body agrees. Hope yours does as well!


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        Thanks. I had the same experience with Atkins, even though I was looking at Organics and Whole Foods. I think it's the grains that made the difference for me also. The slippery slope of whole grains eventually led to ... pies, biscuits, cakes, trifles filled with pastry cream... ::shudder:: This does make much more sense!


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          Hey, are you still primal/paleo? Still in NOLA?

          I'm planning a NOLA Grokfeast in the spring. Would you be interested in joining the group?