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  • About 6 weeks in...

    So I just registered today, but I've been here absorbing the info for about a month and a half. I have always been able to get ready for spring by doing something like south beach and spending most of my free time in the gym. It has always been hard damn work but I managed to push through.

    Well, this year my challenge was going to be even tougher because I had put on more weight than usual and now with 3 kids, gym time is very hard to come by.

    I had stumbled across Mark's Daily Apple a while back and added to my favorites but hadn't really looked into the Primal/Paleo concept that closely. So back in early January, I pulled up MDA and started really taking a good look.

    My diet shifted almost naturally as I learned more and more. 6 weeks later I've lost 31 pounds pretty effortlessly. My body never responded this well before. My goal was to be 180 by June. I weighed 187 this morning!!!

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    Congratulations, Iceberg Slim! PB results really are breathtaking if you've never tried it before. I'm six weeks in myself, and about ten pounds lighter than I even thought physically possible, with more muscle than ever before.

    If that's six weeks, just imagine where we'll be in six months. Grok on, brother!


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      Wow, that's impressive!

      Nice job, any tips for beginners like myself (foods that you enjoy, workouts, etc.)?


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        Smitzma, dunno if you're asking me or Slim or both of us, but here are some of the things that seem to work for me.

        I never really cooked before, but I've learned to fry things in a pan using half butter, half coconut oil. My favorite fry-ups:

        * Bacon (no nitrates -- try it with cinnamon!)

        * Sliced sausages (watch for no added carbs)

        * Salmon patties

        * Beef patties (grass-fed)

        Then I'll quickly fry secondary things in the leftover oil, like:

        * Eggs (free range), sunny side up for bacon-yolk-dipping

        * Mushrooms

        * Spinach

        * Broccoli

        For aerobic exercise, I like to go for a walk/run/jog around my neighborhood in the early morning. Sometimes I run, sometimes I carry weights around in my hands or in a backpack, sometimes I just walk. (I used to run several miles whenever possible, but now I get much better results just listening to what my body wants to do.) I always try to mix it up with things like pull-ups on an overhanging bar or running along a narrow curb. Jonas Colting talks about something similar that he calls a "Primal Walk" in today's MDA featured article.

        For weight training, I mostly just use a sledgehammer. You can check out for tips, or you can just buy one (10 or 12 pounds might be good at your weight) and start swinging it around (gently at first!). Use it to pretend you're shoveling snow, or driving posts into the ground, or banging a gong, etc. I get far better results just from doing that for about 15 minutes whenever I feel up to it than I ever did using free weights or machines. Plus, it's surprisingly fun -- there's something about swinging a weight on a stick that feels really primal and ancient.

        Hope some of this is helpful to you... and if you guys make or have made any discoveries of your own, please share!


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          Hey Tim, thanks for the advice. I have to stock up on bacon and coconut oil, and the addition of cinnamon sounds great with bacon.

          I wish I could use the sledgehammer technique, but I live in an apartment. I do have a gym membership and I mainly focus on free weights. Yesterday I did dead-lifts, 2x5 of 135 lb and then upped that to 185 lb for my last two sets at 5 reps. I don't know where that strength came from since I have not done true dead-lifts in over 2 years, but I'm attributing it to my diet change (even though it was only 5 days as of yesterday) and my addition of Vitamin D3. Dead lifts definitely get the heart pumping.

          For aerobic exercise I will be implementing Tabata and jump rope, and when the weather gets nicer (hopefully after this Nor'easter) I'll be breaking out the bike to ride. I've never been much of a runner, but I might give it a try.

          Overall my goal is 65 pounds, and I'm currently 250 at 6'0''.


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            That sounds like a great weight routine, Smitzma. I've got to work in some dead lifts myself. I think you're right that the diet change is responsible for the greater strength. I saw a dramatic difference in performance after a week on the PB, too.

            As for the sledgehammer, I do often use it indoors -- I'm not actually striking anything with it (although I would love to do that, if I could find something to strike). It makes my wife a bit nervous but I haven't had any accidents... yet...

            One other tip that works great for me is to take advantage of cold weather! I like to get outside while it's still quite chilly, wearing just shorts and a sleeveless tee. (I'm in Southern California so that is not as hardcore as it might sound.) That kicks the fat-burning into overdrive right from the start. By the time I get home, if it's cold enough, my whole body is steaming with fat-generated heat. I also like to drive in cold air with the windows down and underdress generally. I can't quantify it but I think that exposure to cold is responsible for a lot of my burned fat.


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              Smitza, I've been eating lots of eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, avocados, grass fed beef and lots of fish. I mix a salad into one of my meals every day but I make sure to put some chicken or eggs in it if its the whole meal. I'll have some broccoli, asparagus, or spinach with my dinner. I really like all of these foods so it's been a pleasure for me.

              As for working out, I've actually cut back. I used to lift heavy several times a week and do 30 mins of cardio twice a week.

              But now I've just been trying to be active, without a real program of any kind. My son (13) has been playing sports since he was 7 and is quite the stud. So he and I do a 50 burpee challenge every weekend. He usually beats me by a couple seconds but his form isn't as good as mine!

              I take the stairs up to my office at work. I work on the 8th floor so that gets my blood pumpin a little bit every day. And with my new look, the intimate activities with my wife have sky rocketed, which is the most fun work out of all IMO. Hope this helped.


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                Great info Tim and thanks for the props.

                Another note on the sausage, and maybe this goes without saying, but I watch out for MSG. It's amazing how many sausages in the supermarket have that crap. I don't know if you guys worry about that but I try to avoid MSG.