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  • Looking for local fellow Primal followers...

    Hi name is Jennifer. I am 43 years old, the mother of 2 great kids and live in Des Plaines, Illinois. I have had some (very successful)experience with the Primal lifestyle, but fell off the wagon last year and to no surprise, fell hard. I am currently at my all time heaviest weight with some nasty and downright debilitating side effects....a true example of Akrasia at it's worst. husband Matt and I are recommitting to both the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle as well as P90X (fitness portion)this Monday. It is our intention to give 100%, which I personally never quite achieved, even though I experienced great results. I am at a point with my health that I realize I am literally a ticking time bomb and a full commitment to this lifestyle is my only way out. I am thrilled to be utilizing this forum and am hoping to connect even further with some local fellow Primal Blueprint followers. I would love to start a local monthly, bimonthly or similar Primal get together, where we could share stories, tips, recipes, etc...or perhaps nature outings/primal fitness followed by primal feasts...or something of this nature. I was inspired by the most recent success story where the subject found support, strength, new tricks and tips and further conviction after meeting and becoming personally involved with a fellow Primal follower. It would be my pleasure to become connected with a local community of like minded individuals to create an in-person experience that could enhance and support our Primal Lifestyle choices...I know how important it is to surround myself with those who want the same things as I do...I would love to hear responses...and we'll go from there. Thanks for reading!

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    Hello Jennifer! As I was reading I figured you'd be no where near me, but I was happily surprised to see you're in Des Plaines! I'm in Chicago downtown. I recently joined Meetup to try to find some primal people to meet with:

    Primal Chicagoans (Chicago, IL) - Meetup

    But there hasn't been much activity on it. Hoping that will change as the weather gets warmer. Looks like they did some hiking last year. I think all those suggestions sound great! I'll bookmark this thread --


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      Oh yeah! Glad to hear from you! I'll also look at Meetup...thanks for the lead. Perhaps we'll meet some day!


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        Hi Katie and Jennifer,
        I joined the Meetup group a while back but haven't been active...the main thing I was hoping for in the near term is a meat-share. I've been going to Whole Foods for the grass-fed that they have, and hoping to find better prices on beef and lamb, even if it means bulk. Interested?