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    An introduction first as it's my first post - I've been yo-yoing weight wise for years. In my youth was a rugby player, could eat anything and drink a million pints a night yada yada yada. Rugby days ended and I got fat. Then I got a sedentary job and got fatter. No need to bore you with the details. If you haven't done it yourself you've watched someone else do it.

    Then said it's time to take control of my life! NOW! Did the "master cleanse" lemonade thing for 20 days. Lost 15 pounds. Gained back 20. Did the more sensible "Juice Fast" for 20 days. Lost about the same as "the cleanse" but went back to doing what I was doing and gained it back.

    A few days ago a friend turned me onto paleo. Not as a diet, but as a lifestyle change. Diets failed, how about changing you lifestyle? Novel concept. Bought the Blueprint was completely sold after reading very little (actually I got it two days ago, read 50 pages, went shopping and now 100 pages in). As I'm kinda stumbling in after reading little of the book, I'm wondering how I did on my first day of what I'm hoping was right -

    Breakfast - Black coffee, two cage free brown eggs (with a few jalapeno slices) and two or three strawberries.

    Lunch - Big plate of mixed greens, cucumber slices, carrots, french beans (before knowing that legumes are not paleo), beets, asparagus, grape tomatoes and a small piece of skinless chicken breast (told ya it was a big plate).

    Dinner - Got home and wasn't really hungry (which kinda weirded me out as I'm always STARVED when I get back from work). Had a banana and was good.

    Snack wise - Spent all day munching on a bag of about twenty macademia nuts (heard that was the nuts of choice) and pepitas (maybe a half ounce) that I brought with me. Also an apple.'d I do?

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    Please make sure you keep reading the book or if you haven't already visit the 'start here' or FAQ links. I suspect you need you need to up your protein and fat intake. Carb intake will depend on your personal circumstances but there are some guidelines in the book or within the links.
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      It's my first day on the forum today , and i am really thrilled , by the bunch of informations, i am waiting for my book , can't wait to start . since this week i started to eat low carb , but not completely primal , let's say that i am getting myself ready.
      You seems to have started pretty good .bravo.


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        Welcome aboard. Primal is individual for everyone, you will find a balance over time. I front load my breakfast a bit more with protein. I eat a TON of breakfast fritatta's. I usually do about 4 eggs with a chunk of meat (bacon, sausages, last night's chicken breast, pork loin from last night, steaks from last night) and some chopped veggies. All cooked in coconut oli or grass fed butter. I add more carb heavy veggies like sweet potatoes on day when I will be working out or know I wil be missing lunch due to an airline flight or long meeting. Watch the snacking, you will enventually want to wean off the nuts due to higher omega 6 oils. Eat an avocado with some nuts and you can halve the nuts and end up more satiated from the fat in the avocado.

        Lots of folks go with the BAS lunch (Big Ass Salad). Just be sure to include a wide variety of colors and some protein.

        I have found that 3 meals a day works for me with very little snacking. Once and a while I will also fast for 12 hours, sometimes by accident, sometimes planned.

        Don't forget about the exercise component of the lifestyle, its not a diet that cures all that ails you, its a lifestyle that re-sets your body and the exercise component is critical to success.

        Good Luck.