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  • One week in....

    Hi all!

    I am one week into my Primal lifestyle! I haven't cheated at all but I have not seen any weight loss. I haven't had time for any exersize this last week, but plan on starting that up this week. I am 5'7" and weigh about 137. I would like to get down to 125. Any tips or suggestions?

    I have been drinking about 2-3 glasses of wine most nights, and am really hesitant to give that up I love my wine after work!

    Thanks for any help! Love, Melly

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    Oook, Melly.

    Ok, firstly, you don't have that much to loose. So your initial weight loss is not going to be anything amazing, not like someone like me who's got a lot to lose.
    However, you will probably notice you're losing inches as you go on. If you're weighing yourself, you really should just take your scale outside, put it under your car tyre and run it over. It's really not a good indicator of anything. You could have lost fat and gained muscle.

    Secondly, three glassses of wine is too much. That's a lot of cals right there from alcohol and you won't lose anything unless you cut that back. I have one glass of wine maybe twice a week, WITH my food.
    I used to drink wine every night, so I totally get that you like it, but it's waaaaaaay too much. At your height and weight, that must get you very relaxed to drink that...
    I wonder if you can't do something else to relax instead of using the alcohol? How about a walk or some other exercise?

    Once I increased my fats on paleo, I'm so satiated that I don't WANT to drink loads of wine.