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  • Lunch ideas for teenagers

    Greetings everyone!

    I am new to this lifestyle, and finding lunches for my husband and myself has been easy since we have access to microwaves at work.

    I'm trying to help my teenage girls to become Primal. Both have agreed to give it a 2 week test. However, I need ideas for packing in their lunches. Neither has access to a microwave at school so cold items, or items that don't need to be reheated are their only options. The last two days I've sent them with salads - good salads, but still, they need some options.

    I'm trying to do some research on my own, but any suggestions you can make would be very helpful. They both eat a pretty good variety of foods so pickiness is not an issue.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    How about wraps with lettuce leaves as "bread"

    blt ones

    tuna salad

    egg salad

    sliced turkey with bacon lettuce tomato

    how about a thermos. you can put chilli or soups and its not super hot but maybe room temp

    be creative with salads. you can put shrimp in them for protein


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      I know you mentioned sending salads. I eat a salad almost everyday and they are rarely the same two days in a row. I add whatever leftover meat from the previous night's dinner and then add lots of veggies, olives, hard boiled eggs, nuts, a tiny amount of shredded cheese, bacon and whatever else I can find that looks interesting. If we don't have any leftover protein, I will open a can of tuna or chicken and add homemade mayo, lemon juice, a splash of olive oil, garlic salt and pepper. Sometimes I will make a lettuce wrap with whatever leftover protein I have, topped off with a squeeze of lime and a little salsa. The bento box concept works well for this way of eating. Lots of little containers of different foods like hard boiled eggs, nuts, apple slices, cheese cubes (if you do cheese), greek yogurt, fresh berries, gourmet olives, chicken or steak cut into cubes, veggie sticks, etc.


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        Thank you so much. I will give that a try.


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          Thanks for the ideas.

          Monday, they had steak salads with cukes, tomatoes, hb eggs, cheese and bacon. Today was chicken, avocado, cukes tomatoes, cheese.

          We will definately keep playing with the salads too.


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            Any more ideas you can come up with would be helpful to me too...

            I have 3 kids who are interested in eating more primally. I've got them off toast in the morning for a protein breakfast, and when they come in from school they're eating eggs and mayo, plus some fruit, or full fat yogurt. Previously they'd demolish more bread... arghhhh!
            Dinner is a breeze... so that's not a concern, but it's just at lunchtimes.