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Hello, started the Blueprint late January...

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  • Hello, started the Blueprint late January...

    I'm down about 12-13lbs, depending on the day. I like the diet, and the variety of foods that you can partake. I've also returned to the gym, albeit infrequently, and am starting to incorporate sprints.

    I've noticed that this week, I feel really out of sorts. I'm tired, irritable, and craving that disgusting processed fast food that I haven't touched since late January. This could be due to daylight savings time, and working different hours (I'm a 2nd shift guy working 1st shift this week). Plus, I have found it hard to become satiated. I've been like a bottomless pit all week. I usually skip breakfast altogether and won't eat until close to dinner time, but 2-3 hours after starting work, I'm ravenous! So I'll stop at the fast food place and get a salad with the chemical slurry (dressing) and fake chicken. Then an hour or two after that I'll scarf down some almonds or pork rinds. Blahhhh!! Then when I get home, I'll generally have meat and veggies...and then the rest of my wife's meat...and then another helping.

    Do any of you ever go through this? Plus I will go through a gallon of whole milk in a few days time. Is that too much dairy? I know I have a lot of research to do on the site, but all opinions and comments are appreciated.

    Nice to meet you all!

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    The factors you mention probably do account for a lot of the problem. But I would suggest you try to have a high protein/fat breakfast.
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