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1100 calories and I'm STUFFED!

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  • 1100 calories and I'm STUFFED!

    Hi all,

    DanoGrok here. I'm on about Day 5 of my Primal Journey and am liking it very much so far. FYI, I'm a 51 year old who has been a big Whole Grains proponent and occasional preacher for over a decade now and all it has gotten me is a larger tummy...well, that and a lot of beer helped me get there.

    I was even ready to go all Forks Over Knives on my wife before I read Denise Minger's blog which totally disected the most critical research behind the documentary, and left me in, I have to admit, quite the state of glee.

    So, as the title of my message reads, I've had only 1100 calories today and I'm stuffed. I can't imagine eating much more before bed time and I want to pose the question: Is this normal in a primal way?

    I also want to say that after doing a lot of reading, I really feel Primal will be a great fit with my lifestyle. One thing I was having trouble with had to do with internal intestinal gas causing audible noise and real embarrassment during my working hours. (I'm a freelance legal videographer and have to spend hours in small conference rooms with attorneys, witnesses and court reporters.)

    The only real way to battle this that I've found is to fast prior to my shoots. (no fuel, no fire) And it works great. Now I can plan my fasts and meals around my shooting schedule and not worry about missing a meal and going into "starvation mode".

    It's great to be along for the ride with you and I hope to gain a lot more knowledge and Grokappeal in the coming months.

    Grok ON!

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    Well, that's a big plus with Primal. If you are eating a good mixture of Primal foods they are so much more nutrient dense and filling/satisfying than what's recommended on the SAD. A lot of people making the switch report that they can get by on fewer calories and feel satiated versus before.

    Don't be surprised of your intestinal issues get better after eating this way for a while as well. If you still want to do fasts then that's great (and I find them soooo much easier to do on Primal than what I was doing before) but you might find you don't *have* to in order to avoid embarrassment.

    Keep at it and best of luck on your journey!
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      I'm finding that I feel fuller longer without the grains in my diet (only day 3 so far) I used to barely make it 2-3 hours between meals but now I'm choosing Primal foods and can easily go 3+ hours between meals and snacks. I'm not tracking calories like you since I'm still getting the hang of it but the hours between meals is my "scale" or "calorie counter". Great job, DanoGrok!


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        Enjoy it while it lasts- you hunger will likely come back at some point. Eat until you are no longer hungry(not full) and you body has a good shot at self-regulating.
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          Thanks for the support guys and gal. Apex, I like lifting as well, and am going to alternate weights with body exercises. Did some sprinting this am at the dog park with my JR Terriers...they thought Dad had gone crazy. Went to a green market, got some organic veggies and grassfed and finished beef, came home and made an awesome breakfast. I feel like I'm feeding my inner beast!


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            Originally posted by Apex Predator View Post
            Eat until you are no longer hungry(not full) and you body has a good shot at self-regulating.
            perfectly stated.


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              I've been wondering if I'm getting enough protein using the .7-1g protein/pound of lean mass--and at 1100 calories I know I wouldn't be if I were also eating veggies. For you--that would probably be the body's message if hunger increases...for me, it explains days when I've been hungry, I think.