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3-4 weeks in and feel awful after I eat now....

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  • 3-4 weeks in and feel awful after I eat now....

    Hi - so I was probably already eating maybe 60-70% primal before I decided to go about 95% a month ago (so a change, but not a gigantic change I would think). Three days in I had a mini carb flu, felt like crap, headache, zero energy etc. but that passed quickly and then I was feeling pretty good. Not only have I not lost any pounds yet (I have 12 to lose) but now this week after I eat a pretty regular primal meal (that I ate all the time before I started this) I feel really awful for hours afterward. Yesterday lunch was an awesome homemade egg salad with olives in it -which I have made/eaten dozens of times before - but I felt terrible the rest of the day. Today, milder - but after a regular raw veggie salad with hard boiled eggs - I felt bad again. I just don't know if this is all normal primal adjustments still, or if I should be past feeling like crap by now. Not really liking feeling like crap after a healthy lunch ya know! Plus feeling like crap is affecting my workouts.......... and not to mention pretty bummed I have not lost any fat yet either, but I know and trust that I have to be patient and make this a lifestyle not a "diet". I am just a little worried that my body is not loving primal and I am not at all used to feeling badly after eating like this............. Anyone else have this? Is it just as simple as give it more time and see???? thanks to all -

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    Sorry. No, it doesn't sound normal to me. I would suggest experimenting with your food.

    Don't even think about pounds, just how you feel and how your clothes fit.
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      Egg intolerances are pretty common. Try a few days with no eggs and see how you feel.
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        What is the rest of your eating day like? You only mention lunch. What about exercise, sleep, cheats, etc...?
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