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Struggling, but not giving up

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  • Struggling, but not giving up

    I started investigating clean eating, stumbled on primal and am convinced that it is the right step for me. So much so that I've bought the books, tried off and on to live by the primal suggestions (okay, not ready for organ meats), and I find myself repeatedly stumbling, eating stuff I know is horrible for me, etc.

    My family is not prepared to do this with me - and that certainly offers some challenges. However, I have successfully separated the pantries (the kitchen one has stuff I can eat - and encourage them to eat; the back pantry has stuff that I just need to avoid - completely). I certainly feel better when I cut out the grains...but I have to admit that I sometimes just don't care (terribly embarrassed about that). And stress eating...I do it. A lot (and in truth, there is a lot of stress right now! but I need to find a more constructive way to deal with it).

    I aim for 8hrs of sleep and don't often hit it - but I've been getting better. I will get in my protein, but often miss the veggies - or at least as many as I should be getting. I do try to increase fats (esp coconut oil), but that's just so contrary to how I was brought up.

    My intention is not to make excuses (though reading the above, I feel like that's all I've done!). However, I know that I'm missing 'something' - I don't quite know what it is, but something is just not quite clicking. I've been doing this now for several months (perhaps even a year?) and have seen no change in my weight or body composition (and given my lack of consistent eating and exercise, I'm not at all surprised).

    So, consider this a mixture of a confession and a plea for suggestions/beating tailfeathers/etc.

    Today - on track (or at least not bad)
    B - 2 eggs (tried to eat 3 but couldn't) cooked in a ton of coconut oil, also a shot of coco oil
    L - huge pile of lettuce, red pepper, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, good helping of olive oil and balsamic, and a 1/2lb TJoes wagyu beef patty
    D - will be chicken leg(s) and piles and piles of veggies.
    Lemon water and iced tea all day long.
    Snacked on 1/3c macadamia nuts and a cutie orange

    Hmmm...doesn't look quite as good as I thought it was - but at least it doesn't include the large bar of chocolate or tortillas that I've been slipping to of late.


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    Your day's food sounds good to me.

    If you are going to slip, go for the healthier end of the carb spectrum - potatoes, other starchy veg, white rice, organic tortillas. Don't beat yourself up. Keep trying. Try to make your will power last longer and longer each day.
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      Thanks - I'm trying - and am taking everyone's suggest to read read read here on the threads. So many wonderful, inspirational people and with such great suggestions and ideas.
      I'll keep the spectrum in mind. But I do worry that one slip will result in a landslide. Gotta get over that thinking...


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        Fear and guilt are terrible ways to live. Decide that you are going to do it because you will feel better and be healthier, not because it's "bad" if you don't. Give yourself room to enjoy food that tastes good. Find primal foods you find absolutely delicious (80% dark chocolate, anyone?) and keep those around if you feel like "giving in" - cause bacon and dark chocolate certainly taste better than a tortilla!

        But mostly, don't beat yourself up. This is much harder without family support, so just do your best and if you get off the path, just pick it up the next day and forget about the past.


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          Hi wren,

          I totally feel your pain in regards to family not being primal. My family 'gatherings' always involves lots of food (primarily not primal) and is part of the culture. So although eating primal at home is fine, heading out to those gatherings can prove difficult. I always try and eat ahead of time and maybe pick some a la carte that would be primal approved.

          Have you tried I.F (intermittent fasting) to hopefully jump start the fat burning machine?
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            Thank you Danielle. You're right, it is a terrible way to live, I know. I've gotten much better, but it's still so much a part of what I revert to sometimes. Yet another thing I need to work on - but the payoff would be so worth it!
            I do sincerely (most sincerely) believe that primal is the best thing for me. Trying to eat Clean (originally), I would have oats in the morning, other grains throughout - and my stomach would be upset, but I never put 2 and 2 together. I found primal and it made a huge difference for my stomach. Unfortuantely, when stress hits...what I know is right goes out the window.
            And, I have been so disappointed to not see my body shape improving (that said, with the stress and falling off teh wagon - so to speak - it's probably not surprising).

            I'd really appreciate any suggestions to help me over the hump and on to making this a permanent life style!
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              Thank you. It is hard - they try to help, but it's hit or miss (and on pizza nights...).

              I have to admit, I have tried IF, and actually like it a lot. I just wish there was a way to skip lunch...that's my hardest meal to coordinate...
              I do need to do more research on actually getting my body to burn fat. I've read the books, but probably need to re-read them (it's been a while - and there's still so much I need to learn!). I've even tried a shot of coconut oil in the morning (though that's upset my stomach for the last two days - I increased the amount a little - probably too much).
              I'd appreciate any suggestions!


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                To echo along with the others: this should more and more be about positive and fun choices each day. My goal was to lose weight at first,but with in a few weeks I just started to feel so much better. weight loss has been great,but I strive for more fun and activity. My family thought this was yet another wacky diet that would end very soon. Now my wife goes to the farmers markets with me every weekend. We make fresh juice,and great salads and now have are talks as we go for a walk with the dogs instead of sitting around watching the tv. Try something new each day on the positive side to better health and don't be so hard on yourself. I don't see it as a race just a little better each day.

                All the best!!


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                  Wren - I hear you. I want to be Primal but I get derailed so easily. Especially when I have friends who have grown accustomed to count on me for wings and beer, nachos and beer, etc. And the ridiculous thing is that I KNOW that wheat gluten gives me stomach problems but it's so hard to say NO to a night out, especially after a hard day at work. And BAM! Back to where I started. I hate the yo-yo. Any advice would be appreciated...

                  "Ah, beer. My one weakness. My Achilles heel, if you will." -- Homer Simpson


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                    Shingles - where's the justice?! And I've been put on prednisone too.
                    Just - not - fair!!

                    (but it could be much worse - I know)


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                      No bacon for breakfast?? Besides being delicious, I have found bacon leaves you satisfied long after you eat a couple 4 or 5 strips, so you don't really crave the nonprimal foods. I have even found ways to work it into more meals of the day, bacon wrapped chicken breast, BLT salad (everyone must try this). Just make sure you get the uncured bacon from a place like trader joes so you arent eating all the nitrites. Also, as far as your family, get a paleo cookbook! There are a lot of great recipes out there that are so delicious, people don't realize they are eating primal foods, and having great food around keeps you motivated!


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                        I echo what everyone said. IF you mess up, it's okay. Just don't make it a habit. Have faith that once you eliminate the bad carbs your cravings will disappear. Stop obessing coutning calories in the good carbs. Just enjoy your fruits, veggies, and good fat.

                        Cooking in grass fed butter, will make the food tasty and help make you feel satisfied.

                        Once you have the insulin under control, you can skip meals without any big deal.

                        If you feel stressed, try going out for a walk. If you have the insulin under control, you can try fasting through your stress.


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                          That's part of why (nitrates) I'm backing off for a little bit. I have tons of bacon (my son LOVES it), but it's the Hormel cooked (Costco frozen). I'm trying to work through that bacon first, though at a slower rate. I do buy the TJoes bits and ends to get a nice helping of bacon fat (and yummy bacon).
                          Finding it is almost too salty for me right now, but definitely planning on stocking up on TJoes bacon!!


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                            Thanks - I keep trying to tell myself that messing up is not the end of the world (okay, that's a bit extreme), but it really is so disappointing. Still, I get up, dust myself off, and start again!


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                              Had a great trip to the Farmers Market today (and the weather was absolutely perfect!). Lots of chicken (raised the way chicken was meant to be), lots of beef (again, raised right!). Yum!!