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brand new and looking for any and all suggestions!

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  • brand new and looking for any and all suggestions!

    A friend of mine just put me onto this way of living, so I am just starting out.
    Would love to hear what has worked for others! Meal suggestions, etc.
    Have battled a thyroid problem for over 20 years and curious to see how much of an impact this change will make

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    I'll be honest - I'm struggling a lot myself. But when I have my good moments it's because I planned and had everything prepared. I've gotten several books, but the one that's been helping me the most suggests pre-cooking veggies, proteins, etc. and then just getting to mealtime and throwing a little bit of the cooked stuff together for a quick stirfry, etc. That has been a tremendous help to me.


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      Was that Well Fed? I'm using it now as I do a Whole30 (not something I would necessarily recommend, I just wanted to use it to get off the diet coke!), and it's very helpful. I'm eating things that I never thought much of before, just because they're healthy and easy.

      Today's meals:

      Turkish salad (lots of chopped vegetables with olive oil, lemon juice and bunch of fresh parsley and dried herbs)
      A pickled egg (I pickled in vinegar and olive oil and water with lots of spices...I've never eaten a pickled egg before in my life but it seemed like a good idea and it was! There are lots of recipes online for pickled eggs. If you try it, make sure to pick one without sugar. I don't see why they need it.The texture is an acquired taste; the whites are a bit chewy)

      Lunch: Skipped it

      Snack: Kale chips (have you made these? they're super yummy! I washed and thoroughly dried pieces of kale, "massaged" with olive oil and sprinkled with apple cider vinegar, hot pepper flakes and salt. Baked them for about 12 minutes in a 350 degree over until they were crisp. Watch them closely. They're no good if they're burnt at the edges. You just want them dry.

      Dinner: Cod roasted with olive oil and some home made roasted peppers
      Turkish salad (love this stuff!)
      A few strawberries and a tablespoon of coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions.

      Anyway, when I'm eating dairy, I'll often make soft scrambled eggs with a bit of sour cream or creme fraiche (look up Gordon Ramsay's recipe for scrambled eggs on YouTube). Or I have leftover creamed kale with whatever meats I have around. Do I miss cereal or bagels for breakfast? Yes. But I love not being hungry all morning. If I ate a grain-y breakfast, I used to eat non-stop for the rest of the day. And often I'd feel like a nap right after breakfast!

      Good luck finding yummy things to eat. My biggest tip would be to try new things and don't try to make primal-ified versions of non-primal foods. I feel like if I have primal pancakes, etc., it just keeps the desire for the real thing alive. Well Fed has a lot of tips for cooking for the week, which I found helpful because it can be overwhelming to make enough healthy food for the week.
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