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  • Starting over

    I fell off the wagon hard and am climbing back atop today. Along with my husband, we have been working out for the last few months at a crossfit facility, but not much else. I know CF is strenuous, but we are at the point where we feel like we need to add additional movement (hiking, yoga, rowing, sprints).
    For myself, it's been interesting to see my body change from strength training, but my belly stays the same and it's driving me nuts, so I just got discouraged and went off rails for 2 weeks...and I'm paying the price. My husband has about 70lbs to lose, I need to drop 40.

    Are you all regularly tracking intake via Livestrong or something?
    Should I begin adding extra activities in addition to CF?

    I hope that joining this board will help me to draw some inspiration and stay on track.


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    Exercise is great but it won't get you there. Eating is 80%.

    Don't just climb on the wagon. Get in the driver's seat.
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