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  • New here, and seeking opinions!

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've been eating Primal since December and feel great. But I need some opinions from all of you experts out there.

    Next month I'm going to be starting a 6-month certification program to become a personal trainer. A part of this program, besides the anatomy & physiology and gym work, is nutrition. I have seen the textbook list, and it appears that our textbook will be a standard nutrition textbook (Moseby). I will be surprised if they don't teach us "Conventional Wisdom": whole grains, low-fat, high-carb, etc. So my question is, as someone who firmly believes in the Paleo/Primal approach to food consumption, and food's effects on blood sugar and insulin, how do I deal with "learning" something I don't believe in? My initial thought is just to go through the motions, regurgitate the stuff I'm being taught in order to pass the course -- but when I become a personal trainer, teach it my way. I hope we won't have to keep a food journal (probably will), because they'll say my diet is too high in fat and protein, and too low in carbs.

    Thoughts? Anyone been through something similar? How did you handle it?


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    Go through the motions. Most *people* cough cough professors cough cough don't take too well to someone telling them something other then their opinion. Mind you this isn't true for all. Test the waters. If you have an open minded professors that appreciates someone thinking for themselves then if you can support your opinion argue it. But if your professor is the typical type go through the motions, keep your opinions to yourself, and start changing lives after you finish your cert.
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      Robb Wolf spoke about this a while ago, he said the first thing you should do after walking out of med school is forget everything. Don't argue with what there telling you, enless they say you are not doing something propely, like in the food journel, explain your case and fortify it with as much evidence as you can get. I had to do a science exam and answer a question about how "saturated fat causes plaque build up" and i answered what i needed to get top marks. No one will listen to you intill you have a few letters before your name.


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        As Mark Twain once said, "Never let your schooling interfere with your education." Suck it up, tell them what they want to hear, and do what you want. They'll catch on someday, or become obese diabetics. Either way, you don't lose.


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          It's not just the diet part that will be worthless, it'll be all of it. Study lots of different schools of thought- Rippetoe to McGuff and everything in between, because you'll need real knowledge- unless you are getting a CSCS, most of what you learn will be useless.
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