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  • Hey!

    Firstly, I had no idea of what to put as my thread title, haha.

    Well, I don't have much to tell about myself, well - I do... but I don't have the ability to put it all in writing as of yet. I am sure you will get to know how odd I am eventually yourselves.

    I live in England, eat primal foods (apart from when I fall off the wagon, but I am fixing that). I am currently in the process of defeating ulcerative colitis. I have had it for 7 years and it has been very destructive, with nutritionists and doctors not telling me what to do, just plying me with drugs. I decided to research myself and have learnt a lot in the process. I may not know a lot of the technical stuff about "how" things work, but I do know "what" works. Since I have cut out gluten completely, I have had no sign of colitis, other than rotator cuff inflammation (which can be worse if I eat non-primal foods) and rashes on my face, which also seem to flare up when colitis feels to be coming back. I also suffer from chronic fatigue, but I believe that will dissipate when I hit the diet 100%..

    Im 5ft4 and weigh 112lbs (tiny)... but I am incredibly fast and strong for my size, a lot of people refer to me as monkey man (hopefully because of my ability to swing around in trees and stuff and not because of my looks). I used to weigh 147lbs pre-illness with very low body-fat. I lost over 3 stone really quick when I got ill and I am hoping to get back to about 140lbs. I currently eat 1KG of fatty non-organic meat a day (can't afford organic right now, will switch when I knock the amount down after bulking). I have this with spinach or any other greens I can find. I don't care about "meals" or taste, I just eat for fuel. I also use supplements, Glutamine, Raw Liver Powder, Vit C, Vit D, Wheatgrass and a superfood powder. I drink A LOT of white tea and sometimes add raw cocoa to it.

    My exericise is fast and tough, a lot of pull ups, sprinting, climbing trees and walls without the use of my feet/legs, rope climbing, stair leaping and all sorts of bodyweight stuff. I also have a thick barbell which I use for compounds, but I prefer going over the woods and lifting logs and stuff.

    Am very willing to help anyone, and willing to learn more.

    Basically, hi everyone lol.

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    Forgot to add, on workout days (every other day)... an hour after training I sometimes have a jacket potato or sweet potatoes if I can afford them. I only use these for glycogen restoration. I kinda spike insulin after my workouts with bcaa powder, wheatgrass and raw liver powder. Although, I don't really know if that's enough to spike insulin for nutrient shuttling purposes anyway. What do you guys reckon?


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      No welcome? I guess you are all just big meanies then!!!

      Just kidding, lol. Someone say hi, I have a lot to share


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          hello and welcome aboard. its easy for post to get pushed down and out of sight here due to all the people, but its a great community.

          sounds like you got a good plan and workout routine. just do your best and it will all fall in line



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            Thanks for the welcome guys

            @Nichol140... why did you quote me? It said there was an image next to it, but it didn't show anything lol.


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              Alright mate! Your workouts sound awesome.


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                Thank you

                I sometimes record them when my step daughter comes with me lol.


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                  Hi...welcome...your exercise program is crazy and sounds great... what is a jacket potato?


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                    Hello and thanks for the welcome. A jacket potato is an english term for a "baked potato"