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Hello from New York!

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  • Hello from New York!

    Hello everyone! I'm glad I found this forum, actually, I was told about it on facebook.

    There is nothing worse than being confused about what's good to eat and what isn't. I grew up on milk and cereal and now I am told that milk is bad and so is cereal. Giving up milk was easy, I switched to almond milk for smoothies and cereal but now I have to give up my cereal for breakfast but what do I eat???? Being that I eat breakfast at approx 9:30am, I am at work and I need easy and fast.

    I have approximately 40 lbs that I need to lose... already lost 14!! I don't want to just lose the weight and then find it again... I have done that way too many times. I want to incorporate a healthy way of eating and stick with it!!

    Well, I am done for now. I look forward to being an active part of this community.

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    Welcome Jazzy! Good luck.
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      Welcome fellow New Yorker! Where abouts are you from?

      About breakfast- EGGS!

      I run around like a crazy woman. Eggs are about the most convenient thing I've found for breakfast. Lately with gym, work and school, I've been cooking them (scrambled with veggies) the night before so all I have to do is reheat them in the morning.


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        Hello ladies and thank you for the welcome!

        I am from Buffalo, NY.

        I could do eggs but what veggies do you scramble in them? I live alone so anything I buy, I have to eat, so if there I veggies I can freeze or buy already frozen, that's definitely a plus.


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          Ahh you're just a few hours west of me.

          My top 2 favorites are onions, and kale. Both will keep a good while in the fridge, but I like them so much they rarely get the chance. Spinach is good. So are bell peppers. Really there isn't much that doesn't taste good scrambled in eggs. Whisk in a little wheat-free tamari sauce and you basically have Egg Foo Young!


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            Hey!! Glad to see more New Yorkers here. I'm about two hours south of you.

            For breakfast I honestly cook some meat (usually bacon), half bag of what ever veggie I have in the freezer (since its off season) put them in a pan in the meat grease/butter, when they're hot I add my eggs. Mix everything together. Looks kind of horrible but taste oh so good!
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