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    Hello all:

    My name is mike I just turned 50 (hard to believe) I live in Moyock NC. I just finished reading the book about a week and a half ago (21 days to total body transformation) anyway Ive gained allot of weight over the years (have a herniated disc L-5) so it really slowed me down, each year I would gain 5-10 lbs. This summer I had a bad kidney stone and was on the couch all summer (not mobile) I gained like 30 lbs so I was up to 297 (really hard to admit) anyway my girl friend and I started weight watchers (2nd time) and my sister told me about Marks book so I picked it up after the meeting (WW) and read it during the week. My first in at WW I lost 2 lbs (typical) i started shopping for primal foods during the 2nd week at WW I ordered salmon from alaska (Costco) I got some NY steaks (16 lbs, Pork chops, chicken breast, some beef for making jerky and some greens ) Right know I'm experimenting trying to figure out what will work for me (I do not want to have a bad experience due to lack of planning). My second week at WW I ate semi primal (I had three english muffins and two slices pizza during the week) but at the WW meeting I drop 5.8 lbs (I was impressed) Im not ready to go primal yet as I am trying to figure out a weekly diet that will work for me. However I was impressed that I skipped three meals during the week (just wasn't hungry) normally I can't drive home from work without having a intense craving for Wendy's or McDonald's while driving home from work. this week was different and I did not experience that at all. Any way I'm working on the Logistics and a menu that will keep me interested. My girl friend is not supportive as she thinks my cholesterol will go through the roof and I will stroke out. she is stubborn so there is no convincing her but if you have any idea's for lunch I'd like to here them. What about wraps (spinach) last week I had a salad iceberg, romaine and spinach with olive oil,red wine vinegar dijon mustard and garlic with a chicken breast. so looking for some idea's for lunch Thank you R/Mike

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    Sorry about the kidney stone. Ouch. Mine tend to take a long time to pass too.

    Salads tend to be the way to go in primal. Or leftovers. I work at home, so I can have anything I want to make.

    My thoughts about convincing significant others etc.
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