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Ummm hi guys!?

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  • Ummm hi guys!?

    Hi there !

    Well I saw this website a while ago just wasnt mentally ready for things that didnt say quick fix! lol
    But now I am, I tried to loose weight via w/w but it I just wasnt loosing much! My main prob is that I eat
    lots because Im always on my feet and I train alot!
    So I trilled eating with and without carbs and have noticed that I get hungrier when I eat carb - so eat more
    hence the fat tummy!
    So I have been off the carbs, which is great! authough I will admit that I have a few problems and so am hoping you all could give me some help!

    I have been eating broc or cauli & poached eggs 4 breakfast, generally lasts me till lunch but sometimes I mentally get this feeling that I am hungry and ponder on eating something for m.t!
    Then I have been eating beef stew & veg or salad for lunch with an apple cause I mentally feel I need something sweet!

    Then I get home and if I'm not going to training well I guess you could say - off I go, munching on anything to avoid carbs but i'm not meaning small amount! Then I have been having stew and veg for dinner but always need something sweet to eat! Damn it and I just eat bad shite lol like ice cream or chocolate - authough at lot of the time its just that I need that 'full' feeling! So thats why I end up eating peanut butter sandwhichs or buns etc

    Moral of the story is, I hate it, I feel like crap after! And I seem to end up 'hungry' again late @ night!
    Does anyone have an idea of what i can do ! I'm at my witz end! Oh and to add I'm now a full time working/full time student so I really am limited with time! Hence why I just eat stew & veg lol

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    You're still addicted to sugar. It's a very psychological addiction, your brain tells you that you need something sweet after a meal because that's your habit, but your stomach is full.

    It's something everyone kind of has to power through on their own. If you're looking for a magic bullet or a quick fix, there isn't one.

    Eat 2-3 meals a day. Make sure you get enough fat and protein at each meal to keep you full. Do not snack, and stay away from anything that tastes sweet until the cravings subside. After a while, savory foods will start to taste better, and you won't crave carbs as much.

    There is absolutely room in this way of eating for fruit, and dark chocolate, and natural, whole foods that taste sweet - but if you want to beat the intense cravings for sugar and the urge to have something sweet after every meal, my opinion is that you have to cut it all out for a while, until those urges go away. You'll find that if you wait till you don't want them any more, you'll have an easier time adding them back in without binging.


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      Hi Danielle,

      Thanks heaps for that! Yeah I kind of guessed that may be the case!

      Hmmm so I'll start making some sort of plan to 'kill that' !


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        You're welcome! Sugar addiction is a tough one to beat. I still have the odd twinge from time to time, but it's much easier to control now.

        Like I said, for me the best way to kill the cravings was to savagely cut everything out for a while. If your willpower still needs a boost, chromium picolinate is a supplement that can help (it might have been placebo effect, but just three doses got me over the final hump).


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          Chromium supplement might well work, I don't take it since going prima, but it really used to help control hunger and feeling low on blood sugar and then going and eating a whole pack of chocolate covered hob-nobs

          Totally agree, as an ex sugar addict you need to go cold turky - when you get hungry go for something fatty, and make sure your meals are not too low on the fat, stick some butter over your veg, make sure you are using fatty cuts of meat in stews, and if not stir something like sour cream - works wonders on a beef stew.
          It took me a while to adjust my thinking to eating fat, but it really helps satisfy you and keep the munchies away - and if peanut butter is your thing I suggest you change to sugar free, tesco own brand is about the cheapest I've found, and use a spoon to deliver it to your gob rather than a slice of bread, I find a spoon full is a great snack - with a few berries if you have them to cut through the claggyness
          You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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            In the stew are you eating potatoes, sweet potatoes, or other starchy tubers? Those can keep the insulin cycle going as well.


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              I'm eating carrot and pumpkin in the stews!

              Think i need to do a hard out shop and stock up on some meat ! oh where is good old time and $$ when you need it lol


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                I've got the same feelings on sweet stuff. It absolutely sucks. I tried switching to apples and bananas as a replacement, but found it only made the cravings go away for a minute or two. So i've decided to quit cold turkey too. it's tough. And I've failed a few times. but I think it's doable.

                Keep up the good work!