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  • Greetings : Got some questions

    Hi all,

    i have taken on the primal diet for the past 2months. What brought me here is a bunch of digestive tract issues/diseases and just wanting to restore my life to as normal as possible regarding health, and to continue living as hassle free as possible, which is what we all want i'm sure.

    It's not fun thinking about your health, especially in your early 20's approaching mid 20's and peak of your life so to speak.

    it all started with me and food intolerances which i ignored for most part as i was putting other things ahead of my health and just ate whatever i liked and ignored all the signs and symptoms that my body didn;t like what i was doing to it. I was a gym junky so i was eating higher amounts of food to 'bulk' at the time.

    Then i said to myself 'something isn't right'. Got a few tests done most came back normal, i suspected celiac disease, something i never heard of before, but thought i would go down that path. Did an endoscopy found out i had mild gastritis and a case of H.Pylori infection. Takign the meds for it i thought my troubles would be past me. However still not feeling quiet right i kept pushing on to check what else could be bothering me. Did a colonoscopy found mild inflammation but was told it is most likely 'ibs'. Then one doc told me it is ulcerative colitis and took appropriate meds for it. Always wanting to cure myself as naturally as i can, i would not always adhere to docs orders and i managed to fix myself up a fair bit by cleaning up the diet. 2 further tests found i have fructose malabsorption and gastroparesis. That sucked but explained a fair bit of my symptoms to.

    So that's my general history of illnesses, now i am feeling pretty good in terms of symptoms wise, but not really back to where i'd like to be. I started suffering from constipation as i went on a retarded binge for a bout 2 weeks of pigging out and stuffed myself up. Continuing to do the whole fibre+water etc to cure it i seemed to be getting worse.

    Reading made sense to me and i did a switch. Eventually i came to this site aswell, and thought i'd give the low carb/fibre +fat and protein diet a shot.

    After intially going through carb flu and feeling weak etc i had an improvement. I still experience a weakness in the legs, i think i need to up my carbs and water intake a bit and hopefully that should see imrpovements.

    My big question/concern though is eating too much meat. I eat in general 80-100g protein a day i'd say. I have noticed my urine, when i go to the toilet, the water is very very foamy and rises considerably. I only started noticing this as the weeks went on for past 2-3 weeks. Was hoping it was just the detergents/chemicals in the bowl but i think it could be a sign of my urine having protein in it? Haven't read too much into it, but i suspect some bloodwork, urine tests etc could be time for. I am waiting out to stick to this type diet for a bit more to get better understanding of my results before going to the doc but might have to go in the next week or 2. I definitley cant afford kidney, liver damage to an already beat and recovering digestive system.

    Other info about me is i'm 6'4 weighing 70kg which is underweight, but that;s what happens when you take a beating from illness. I feel good these days but would like to go from 75% to 90%. Anyone with some adivice and tips on how to proceed?

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    That should not be too much protein. Since it has gone on for a while, you probably should see your doc to rule out anything serious.
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      Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
      That should not be too much protein. Since it has gone on for a while, you probably should see your doc to rule out anything serious.
      Could having too much protein in the one sitting, and perhaps not enough physical movement/excercise result in protein in the urine? Kind of like excess protein if you catch my drift.

      I'm really bummed as i thought i was onto a winner with a diet of veggies+meats (fair bit of it) and safe carbs. Biggest concerns are that slight weakness i have in the legs, the urine thing and i've noticed some slight cramping in my calves when i awake from sleep.