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Just starting Primal... have a very bad medical history...

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  • Just starting Primal... have a very bad medical history...

    Hello everyone! I'm Angie, I'm 33 and a mother of two wonderful children.

    I was DX'd with SLE (Lupus), RA, High Blood Pressure and some other issues at age 12. Along the way since then I have also been DX'd with Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and have gone through ESRD, two ankle fusions, and have had 2 kidney transplants. My current kidney transplant was a perfect match from a 15yr old boy who died in a car accident (R.I.P my angel), and it is still going strong after 5 years. Yay!

    I have severe anemia due to all my medical issues, severe insomnia, allergies that no OTC/prescription medicine can seem to get rid of, and mood swings like crazy. I am on a lot of medication as you can imagine, and who knows what effect they have on me with all my symptoms 100%. A couple of these medicines I will never be off of no matter how healthy I am, or I would lose my transplant; however I would like to get off the blood pressure meds, the Ambien and some other ones as well if possible through diet changes.

    I do believe vanity plays a big role in my motivation for changing the way I eat, however it isn't outward vanity (as in I don't want to look good for others to notice me), it's inward vanity (I want to actually like what I see in the mirror... I want to love myself and feel great about myself). I know that's very sad, but hey... I need to be honest with myself in order to succeed.

    However, the other big part (equally as important of a motivator as the previous one) is being as healthy as I can be so that I am around for my children as long as I can be. I know I won't be around for a lot of their life if I keep up this way of eating and living, my medical issues won't allow for it regardless of what the food adds to it. I want to see them go off and start their own lives and be a part of that, and for that to happen I need my body to be in the healthiest form it can be with the given circumstances.

    I have already been lurking since 2011... and as of 8 days ago I decided to dive in head first with the food part... I am no where near 100% but I am definitely somewhere between 60%-80%, which is 100% BETTER than where I was 9 days ago.

    I am dealing with hunger issues right now... feeling hungry all the time even though I shouldn't be hungry at all based on my food choices and the numbers f/c/p ratios. So that part does suck.

    On a positive note, I feel like I have a little more energy, I am actually falling asleep better (been without my Ambien for 3 days now!!!!) and I can easily get up in the morning and get moving. Plus, the food is GREAT!

    I so look forward to getting to know more people and starting my journey and can't wait for the day to share my success story of both weight loss, the love of my own body, and a HEALTHIER body with less ailments and medication.
    Somewhere under all this fat is a strong, healthy, beautiful and sexy woman. The search for her begins now.

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    Oh god thats a long list. Good on you for pucking up and looking for a change, i know people who need a kick up the backside to make them change, you seem very smart and im sure it will be an amazing success story. I've also noticed a lot of the above are autoimmunity problems, so im sure you shall be far healthier.


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      Hi Angie. Welcome. I hope primal goes really well for you. Could you tell us what you are eating? Are you over or under weight?
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        Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
        Hi Angie. Welcome. I hope primal goes really well for you. Could you tell us what you are eating? Are you over or under weight?
        I have been eating things like:

        greek yogurt
        nuts - almonds, pistachios, pine, sunflower seed kernals
        almond butter (has evaporated cane juice in it, taking first step by using this instead of peanut butter)
        meats - chicken breasts, roasts, pork chops, steak, ground beef (not grass fed yet, but very lean)
        lots of veggies from the MDA grocery list
        olive oil
        sweet potatoes occasionally
        white potatoes (rarely, and in a tiny amount)
        sometimes a glass of whole milk
        cheese on my salads sometimes
        fish - salmon

        I still use a tad of Miracle Whip when I make a lettuce wrap with meat and stuff.
        I bought Organic salad dressing for the less carbs until i can find a homemade Primal friendly dressing I like.

        I have completely cut out cereals, whole grains, anything that comes processed in a box or a can.

        I still have had slip-ups and eat something non-Primal a few times, even though it is something small I know it hinders my progress in stopping this carb addiction. However at only day 9 I think my baby steps towards full on Primal are a lot bigger than I first thought they would be when I dove in.

        ETA: I am overweight.
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        Somewhere under all this fat is a strong, healthy, beautiful and sexy woman. The search for her begins now.