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I love my self again!

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  • I love my self again!

    Hello everyone or UGGGH as I like to say now

    My story. I had been riding the sugar coaster of doom my entire life without ever knowing it was slowly killing me. I have a desk job..... you fill in the rest.. sedentary.. etc, etc. Standing only 5' 5" tall my frame was a museum of meals from the past. I weighed in at 190 lbs. My weight during high school was about 130 so that's 60lbs of goo. Nasty!

    So I followed conventional wisdom and cleaned out all of the fat out of my diet, loaded up on the rice, oats, wheat, energy bars, and all sorts of pre-packaged goods of professed superiority. This was in 2007. I got a gym membership and everyone said cardio, cardio, cardio. So that's what I did. I worked up to running up to 4 miles each trip to the gym followed by an hour of basketball. I always felt totally drained, but figured " no pain no gain". I lost 25lbs that year then plateaued @ 165.

    I slowed down on my workouts because I was not seeing any benefit on the scale and was always hungry, tired, irritable, and just plain un-happy. I thought that I would be happy when I finally met my goal weight and could " relax " and just cruise and enjoy my new body but I quickly noticed the pounds coming right back when I stopped. Wow, I thought to my self. I need to workout like this all my life. I was devastated with this reality.

    I lapsed into a cycle of eating healthy conventionally, then eating total crap. Working out every day for months to not working out for months. I rode this coaster until last year when a friend introduced me to P90X. I read their nutrition guide from cover to cover several times and thought this is the answer... food.

    I meticulously followed the suggested diet, calories, and exercise regimen for the full 90 day program. I lost 6 pounds for all my efforts. Sure I gained muscle, but I already had a muscular physique.. thanks dad! I had no interest in putting on muscle really but you know the much touted mantra.. muscle burns more calories than fat. Sure does, but I will eat those 2 Macadamia nuts instead now I wanted to shed the fat. Period.

    I decided to take two weeks off to heal and then start the 90 day torture all over again. I made it halfway through and just stopped. I found my self totally out of energy and sleeping at any free moment I had. I did not want to go anywhere, do anything, or even be social. I was completely broken down after 4.5 months of bashing my body every day.

    I gave up again, or as I know now; my body made the decision for me. Thanks body, you always know whats best! After holding steady for a few months and letting my body heal my energy levels perked up and I wanted to workout again so I started circuit training with free weights and 10 simple exercises. Push-ups, squats, dumbbell swings, lunges, T-pushups, and the like. Max reps 1-min, rest 30 seconds and move on. Complete all 10 rest 2 min, rinse repeat. I found this more enjoyable than P90X immediately. I then decided to add spinning. So I bought a real nice spin bike, parked it in the living room in front of the TV and thought... Spin while watching TV for a few hours and burn off my dinner. Brilliant right? Wrong! I never had the desire to get on that thing after dark. Huh wonder why.. oh yeah dark time is sleepy time for Grok.

    8 weeks ago I started to do sprints on the bike. 30 sec all out, 90 sec recovery, 8 sets. Very intense indeed. I coupled this with a modified circuit training workout. 40 sec max reps, 20 sec recovery, 5 sets. Repeat until I had enough and was tired. I went from 164 to 160 after two weeks. Not bad I thought 2lbs a week , but how long can I keep this up? I was sprinting 3 times a week and strength training 2 days a week.

    While researching nutrition last week I stumbled upon this site. I tossed all carbs out of my diet. Brown rice, oatmeal pancakes, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, etc. That was last Tuesday. I am only 6 days into my new life and have lost 10 lbs. This 41 year old man cried on that scale today. I cried tears of joy, new understanding, but mostly due to knowing I can do this until I die and it just feels so right.

    I am just getting intimate with my body and its reactions to foods but so far its been nothing but positive albeit I now know that 8 oz of juiced red cabbage is to acidic for me. 4 oz is good though with some other veggies as a buffer

    I used to need almost 9 hours of sleep. Now I am waking up very sharp and alert after 6 hours or so. Time for Grok to find a new hobby for the wee hours of the morning!

    My tinnitus (ringing of the ears, thanks loud speakers of the 80's concerts!) has almost completely subsided. My ankles always popped and cracked when I walked even as a child, that has gotten noticeably better. My sore lower back would have me out of bed in the am jumping around to get the blood flowing so I could stretch it out to relieve the pain from the tension. I am kinda just popping out of bed now and starting my day without that nuisance.

    The best part of all: I feel connected again Connected to the world, the people around me, my self. My confidence meter is maxed out, I am extremely focused and patient. ( I had no patience at all on the SAD diet). My concentration level is way superior. Feels like being a kid all over again... brain strong.. uuugh. I play the drums, and have for years. Before PB I would sit down to learn a new song and struggle for hours. Now I sit down and I can really hear the music. May sound weird and it does to me reading it too, but its so true. I would attribute it to my brain processing information at a much better capacity than before.

    I am not the type to toot my horn, I am usually the guy just trolling the forums for info never getting in the conversation. I feel somehow that it is my mission in life now to spread the word. So I hope your reading this because your not sure about this new " crazy " diet and looking for affirmation. Trust me, no... trust your body and do what it wants of you. Feed it what it craves!

    Thanks for changing my life Mark!

    I love my self again !

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    Great job!


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      Very inspiring. I still have tinnitus and creaky joints. Then again, I'm 69 not 41, and I haven't thrown out as much. Not sure I'm willing to but you make a good case.
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        It's great to hear these kinds of success stories, congratulations
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          I am soooo pleased for you and hoping I can get my husband to read your testimonial.. I love this lifestyle as well after only the first week.. I have loved it since the first day.. I hope I continue loving it through the plateaus and hurdles.. I hope I can keep my focus on how good I feel and not what the scale says.. I know.. get rid of the scale.. I'm workin on it.. thanks again for opening up and shining a light so bright for all to see!!!! Groks seem to walk a little taller yes?
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            Heading into week number 4 and wow do I ever smell when I sweat! Ahhh the sweet sweet smell of success.

            I started April 29th and lost 10 lbs in about 6 days then plateaued for about 1.5 weeks. I started adding some aged cheese and dark chocolate and I think that mucked things up, not sure though. So I eliminated those two items from my diet and started intermittent fasting. I decided to eat dinner and not eat again until the next evening. Nothing but water, multivitamin and fish oil supplement. It actually felt pretty good and this will be something I do once a week.

            I lost another 4.5 lbs in 4 days. Now I cannot attribute all this to IF. I am doing the Spartacus 2.0 workout(menshealth dot com) which is an intense resistance training 2 days per week as suggested in PB. I also do sprints on my spin bike one day a week. 8 rounds 30 sec all out, 90 sec recovery. Last but not least " Move Frequently". The weather changed in Indiana which allowed me to get back to disc golf, I like ultimate but disc golf is my game This is my play time which is every day its not raining. If your not familiar google it. It involves constant movement at a steady pace while having fun. Win win win. Also I am enjoying early morning walks around the neighborhood with my new found extra morning time.

            As far as food goes it's been strictly primal until last night. I decided to treat my self per the PB instructions. I went to my comfort food chicken nachos from Qdoba. Deep fried salted chips, grilled cubed chicken, salsa, cheese, cheese, and more cheese. That was last night. I got up today for my Spartacus workout and normally can do 8 sets. I only made it through 4. I could have pushed my self to do the 8 but I was super tired during the first set. That never happens. As I write this my stomach is churning, I don't feel near as focused and somewhat tired after almost 9 hours sleep last night. I'm gonna guess its the deep fried chips, cheeses, oh yeah and black beans. So today is an impromptu IF day. I just don't feel like eating, kinda like im sick. I don't feel queasy like throwing up just not like eating. I'm gonna pull a Fido and fast this one off.

            I wanted to update this thread and share my journey to hopefully inspire someone.