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Primal at the Deat Race

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  • Primal at the Deat Race

    So, I've been a reader for a while, thought I'd finally join the forum. I just did 25 hours of the Winter Death Race in VT, and was fueled primarily on primal foods, though one participant did bring us cookies... Had coconut/nut/date balls, bacon, mashed sweet potato with butter & cream and hard boiled eggs to fuel me. Felt great!

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    Well...this was a popular thread. I lasted 38 hours at the Death Race before I decided I didn't really care about the Death Race and let my mind fall asleep. 35 hours in my RunAmocs, and over 25 hours without access to my food, and only fueled by the ~800cals of lara/coconut bars I had in my pack. Will likely not do it again.