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    I have quite a bit of dairy...if I cut it out I'll be sure to lose weight, I can stand only so many drumsticks.

    I get a lot of sleep, but soo tired all the time....what was that freak incidence day of feeling so much better?


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      What do you normally eat in a day? Also are you taking any supplements? Your body does need time to adjust to the new way of eating. Right now it probably doesn't know what the hell is happening to it. Make sure you are getting a target number of carbs, protein, and fat. For the first week or so you might want to plug what you eat into or just so you see what you're actually eating.
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        Try a big protein hit at breakfast - I usually go for as close to 40g protein in breakfast as I can. Steak, butter, mushrooms, avocado, sometimes a bit of cheese - eggs don't agree with me in the morning.
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          I always found that if I take a strong probiotic in the morning and some activated charcoal before bed, then I seem to get over the detox flu quicker. The probiotics repopulate your intestinal flora and show the pathogens the door... and then the charcoal kindly escorts them through it.


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            I eat eggs and veggies and bacon for breakfast and have two cups of coffee with cream or butter. Lunch is a salad with a bit of leftover meat or fish and olive oil and vinegar. Maybe an apple or 10% greek yogurt and berries for a snack, and probably another one or two cups of coffee with cream to survive... Then I have about 2 oz of red wine and a meat and veggie dinner, veggies in some kind of fat. Then I usually break down and have 1-2 oz of 85% Lindt chocolate. Sometimes I take some milk thistle or multis or Omega3 oil...whenever I happen to come across the bottles.

            Today I had a banana too for breakfast to get some more carbs, maybe I'll leave the weight loss for when my body can handle this. I guess I can drink some kefir, is something happenign to the intestinal flora here? I didn't realize...

            Thanks for all the help, everybody!


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              Okay, so good intentions for tomorrow: cut out the afternoon coffee. I used to have only 1 or 1.5 cups in the morning, this cannot be good. Thanks!