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One week Primal - update!

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  • One week Primal - update!

    My background story is here.

    This morning marks my eighth day being Primal, and I can already see so many benefits:

    1. So much more energy!*

    2. I don't have a scale, but I have lost the "bloat" around my midsection, and my partner says I look thinner through the waist. My pants are slightly looser - enough that I can tell and feel more comfortable.

    3. Visible quadriceps! After only a week, with no increase in exercise. My legs are still fat, but I can already see a little muscle definition.

    4. No longer hungry every two or three hours. No more symptoms of wildly fluctuating blood sugar (shakiness, dizziness, desperation for food).* I can go hours without a meal and fee fine; just a small handful of almonds is enough to keep me going through the long afternoon now.

    5. Regulated bowel movements - down from 5-6 times per day (literally, I would have to go immediately after every meal, sometimes almost an emergency!) to 1-2.*

    6. Sleeping so much better! I am having about three cups of coffee per week and a glass of (no-caffeine) iced green tea with mint every day. This down from an average two cans of cola per day.

    7. No more night sweats.*

    8. Increased libido. From near zero.

    9. Decreased joint pain.*

    10. No longer depressed. This is what drove me back to Primal to begin with. Two weeks ago, I felt sluggish, bloated, and almost paralyzed with an ennui that seemed to come from nowhere. I actually called in sick to work two days last month due to the fact that, once at work, I could only stare at my computer screen listlessly, accomplishing little. One week Primal, and I feel energized and positive. All of the other factors spelled out above no doubt contribute to this improved mood.*

    I have been tracking my daily nutritional goals using Cron-o-meter. It's great! I am averaging 1,500 calories per day, with a breakdown of about 65% fats, 20% protein, and 15% carbs (less than 100g a day, average about 50g). I usually walk about 45 minutes per day (I walk to work). Now that I have energy again, I am going to walk in the evenings with my partner, and play tennis at least once a week for fun. I am also taking one cod liver oil softgel each morning with breakfast, and working in a teaspoon of local, unrefined, raw honey, usually in my iced tea.

    Otherwise, I am having no sugar. Last week, I ate a small orange for a snack, and it seemed so, so sweet. I used to hate oranges because they tasted so sour to me! That's what 25 years of daily soda drinking will do to your palate.

    I've even gotten my formerly vegetarian partner on board! Last night we had the creamy greens soup from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook, with hot Italian beef sausage. I will definitely be making the soup again, too! It was a great way to increase some key vitamins and use up all the various greens in my fridge! We are also eating a lot of eggs, fresh homegrown herbs, and whatever organic cuts of meat are on sale at the nearby fancy grocery store. Earlier in the week, I made the Butter Chicken in a Silky Sauce - first curry I've ever made that turned out as flavorful and rich as I'd hoped! I'm hooked! I plan to branch out into sustainably caught wild fish from the local food cooperative soon. I used to eat a lot of fresh salmon when I lived in the UK, and I miss it.

    Thanks, everyone! I will post a one month update at the end of March... with pics!

    *Alleviation of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (auto-immune hypothyroidism) symptom.
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    Very inspiring. You've got a lot of gumption there. I hope you keep posting.


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      Wow! I'm glad it is going so well for you.
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