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Turning Primal in Afghanistan

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  • Turning Primal in Afghanistan

    Just thought I'd drop a quick line to introduce myself. I've been on a deployment in Afghanistan for the last seven months and started reading Mark's books during our down time out here. I've been eating as much within the frame of The Primal Blueprint as our resources would allow. This started out with some pretty boring plain chicken, cucumbers, and tomatoes on a daily basis (this is all I could get out in the bazaar that didn't have pounds and pound of rice or Afghan bread added to it). That and tons of eggs. We're on our way home now and I've had the good fortune of eating at real dining facilities making everything from eggs to salads to roast beef. Good stuff! Excited to get back and expand my menu even further.

    That's about it. Glad to know there's a resource like these forums. I look forward to learning a lot and hopefully contributing at some point. I know I've done enough stalking around in the shadows for the last month!

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    Welcome out of the shadows!

    I'm doing my damnedest to become primal while deployed aboard ship, and I feel ya: every time we go ashore it's bread and rice everywhere. I just save my occasional cheat for that, but to have it all around all the time? Musta been rough.

    Save travels home!
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      Thanks to you both for your efforts in serving our country. Welcome to the Cave. May the Grok be with you.
      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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        Quickdraw - it was definitely a pain, but it's nice to come home almost 15 pounds lighter and with much better definition after just under two months of primal eating. It's worth it to come home looking and feeling better. Not a bad deal for a single guy coming home from deployment. The nice part is, especially if you're in the Marine Corps. like me, we do plenty of moving around slowly (working parties) so all I really have to concentrate on is strength training/lifting - which I do with a combination of CrossFit workouts and some days just focusing on olympic lifts. I also sprint once a week and started that out at the patrol base, despite all the crappy gravel everywhere. Vibrams + gravel surface = no fun for anyone.

        SoccerGrok - believe me, it was an honor and a pleasure at times.


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          Tom, thank you for serving, and welcome! Glad you're safe, and I KNOW how much you'll enjoy your expanded opportunities!

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          Goals: Feel good, be stronger, and hopefully kick that arthritis in the backside! Oh, yeah, and losing more weight would be okay, too.